Many Left Behind After the Rapture Will Be Saved


The Rapture, as we know, will result in the world being without a single Christian. So I guess we can’t expect anyone left behind to believe in the Rapture—at least not right away. But very soon after, I think the Holy Spirit will begin (or continue) to work on some of those left behind, and will cause many to repent and wonder just what happened.

Now some may say that the Holy Spirit will leave this earth with the believers. But I really don’t think there is any Scriptural basis for that. Especially since we know that many will be save during the Tribulation. No, the Holy Spirit will be alive and well on the earthy after the Rapture, and He will be seeking out all those who will repent and be saved.

And by the way, His (the Holy Spirit’s) restraining power spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7, is only toward the antichrist. He will restrain him from being revealed as to who he is (the antichrist) and as to the evil he wants to do. This restraining power will be in effect until the midpoint of the Tribulation.

Thus, as to the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, it will be at work from the Rapture on, and even during the Tribulation. But, like I said, from the midpoint of the Tribulation until Christ’s glorious return, the Holy Spirit will no longer restrain the antichrist—He (the Holy Spirit) will be “taken out of the way” (v. 7); thus, during that three and one-half year period He will not protect believers (or anyone) from the evil of the antichrist (except for those who are sealed, the 144,000 Jewish witnesses, Rev. 7:3-8). Nonetheless, this does not mean that the Holy Spirt will not still be at work helping people and bringing many to salvation. That is, even though He will not stop the antichrist from his evil works against Jews and Christians, He, through all the evil, will still be at work to comfort them and to convict and save all those He has chosen.

All that said, we must believe that some, perhaps many, will begin to believe in the biblical Rapture theory and to know, sadly, that they were left behind.

Now I don’t think we can know exactly how the Holy Spirit will work on people’s hearts to show them the truth of what happened, and to convict them of sin. Each case I’m sure will be different. Perhaps some will get a hold of Christian material that was left behind. Some may stumble on to an internet article, or a YouTube video, that will talk about the Rapture. Others may remember a Christian relative or friend that disappeared, and they may figure out, by the Holy Spirit’s help, that they were raptured by God.

Whatever the case may be, I think there will be some, perhaps many, who will realize the truth of what happened to all those who disappeared. Some, I suppose, will realize what happed and will still not believe—their hearts will be hardened. Many others will believe and be saved. These will be the first of the great revival (Rev. 7:9, 13-17).


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The Parallel Dimension Theory: An Explanation for Christian Disappearances



In my last few blogs I have been writing about what explanation left behind earthlings will give for all the Christian disappearances (of the rapture).

This parallel dimension theory can be simply stated as this: the missing people disappeared into a parallel dimension. Though this theory may not be as popular as the New Age theory or the alien theory, there are some reasons why it may be considered. Here are a few:

 1. This explanation will be considered highly if linked to the New Age theory. In fact, I think all New Agers would gladly welcome it as a teaching that goes like this: Mother Nature, as it happened, guided all the unfit ones into a special holding place—another dimension—to be held there forever, or until they are re-educated and declared fit to come back into the New world.

2. There is a growing number of stories, told by the people that have vanished, that have given this theory some popularity. Where people have disappeared and not returned, we have no way of knowing what happed to them. But there are a few stories that were told by the actual people that were swept away, because they came back to tell about it!

One of the most eerie stories recorded in Fate Magazine, is of a woman who got on a crowded elevator in a music store; and when she stepped off the elevator to the floor she supposed she was at, she suddenly realized that she was no longer in the music store, but was in a crowded train station. She also soon discovered that she was not in Chicago, and it was in summer rather than in the fall. There are many other remarkable details about this story, but the point of it is that the woman, somehow, apparently shifted into a different reality and was stuck there for several hours.

So finally, after witnessing so many weird events, she closed her eyes in discouragement. And then, after being overcome by the sense of floating through space, she suddenly opened her eyes again and found that she was back in the music store in Chicago.44

Another similar story is of a couple and their four children who were traveling and decided to take a detour. Well, they came to a very interesting and quaint little town, which seemed to be of a different time; for the people were dressed in very odd, or old fashion clothes. Luckily, they were able to drive out of the place. And when they questioned the locals about it they said they knew of no such place. They also went back several times to try to rediscover the place, but couldn’t find it.45

There are many other similar stories that people have told that leave us wondering. The most probable idea is that these stories were just made up—to make a good story in a magazine. However, some people may believe them and believe that these people actually did drift into other dimensions.

3. Stories of people who vanished and did not come back. Besides those stories where people supposedly drifted into other dimensions, and survived to tell about it, there are also many stories told of people who did not come back. We don’t know where they went. I read of witnesses who saw people disappear right in front of them. Some vanished instantly and others faded away gradually. Of course, we don’t know if these stories are true, but I’m sure many people believe them.

Astonishingly, it has been reported that in the United States alone over 10,000,000 people turn up missing every year, and out of those 500,000 are never found.46 What happened to them?

We really don’t know, but some people have made a study of it, like David Paulides. In his book, Missing 411, he investigated 411 cases of missing persons and discovered that there are around 30 places in the world where most vanishings have occurred.47

Well this sounds very mysterious doesn’t it, and many are quite drawn to it.

4. Over the years the world has developed a great interest in this subject. Just like with UFO’s and aliens, there are more and more books, movies and TV shows that portray people drifting into other dimensions. One of my favorite shows is The Twilight Zone. Another is Star Trek. Some people really get hooked on this kind of stuff and actually believe it.

But, you know, it doesn’t really matter whether it is true or not. That is, what we are really trying to figure out is, what explanation people will give for the rapture disappearances. It is my guess that most people will go with the New Age theory, supplemented with either the alien theory or this theory as a way to explain exactly how people disappeared.


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Will Aliens Soon Abduct All Living Christians?



That will be one explanation to all the Christian disappearances at the rapture. But we who are Christian know what will really happen. Jesus will snatch us up and bring us to heaven to the Father.

We have been postulating what the world would be saying after the rapture occurs—that is, what explanations they would give for all the disappearances. We have discussed the New Age Theory—and that I think is the main one. But in conjunction with that is the Alien theory.

 Here are four reasons why the Alien theory would be considered by the world as a possible explanation for all the Christian disappearances at the time of the Rapture.

 1. The world’s population, especially over the last few decades, have acquired a great interest in aliens and UFO’s. According to Chuck Missler, there have been over 6,000 English, professional publications that deal with UFO’s and aliens, and over 2,200 foreign publications. Also, 57% of Americans now believe in UFO’s and 15% believe they have seen UFO’s.41

Hollywood has also made a big contribution to our interest in this subject. It seems that there is always a new alien, or some kind of extraterrestrial movie on the screens. When I Googled “List of alien movies from 1950 to present,” in Wikipedia it gave me a list of about 550 movies—but that list is incomplete; I’m sure there are far more extraterrestrial movies.42

I want to also mention that people’s interest isn’t only for entertainment. As I mentioned above, 57% of Americans believe that UFO’s are real, and some are quite concerned about them. The brilliant Stephen Hawking “…fears that an advanced alien civilization would have no problem wiping out the human race the way a human might wipe out a colony of ants.”43   And there are many other educated people who have the same concerns, saying that the threat of aliens should be taken seriously.

2. Alien abductions provide the means of the disappearances. The abduction aspect of this topic is particularly important because it gives us the very means by which people will give as the explanation for the disappearances. And so, I don’t think it is a coincidence that most alien movies and books have abductions as the primary theme.

But beyond the movies, we are faced with the grim question of whether aliens (or demons) have, or are, actually abducting people. I was surprised to hear that, according to Chuck Missler, 1-3% of Americans claim to have an abduction experience—that calculates to be about 3-10 million people!

I’m sure there are many different stories that people have, but from what I have heard, the main thing that goes on during these abductions is sexual experimentation. Many have suggested that they are now trying to do as the fallen angels did in Genesis 6:1-4; that is, to breed with man and thus to make a super-race. They are called in Genesis the Nephilim (in the Greek, giants).

These evil Nephilim were not only on the earth before the flood, but as verse 4 indicates, they also came “afterword.” And this is substantiated by the fact that after the Jewish exodus, when they went to spy out the land that God had promised them, they found that there were Nephilim there (Num. 13:25-33). Many of these wicked giants were killed, but some remained. As we know, there were still giants in the land during the time of David—Goliath and his buddies.

Have all the Nephilim been killed? Some say that there is still some around. And since many believe that there has been abductions, have they been successful at making alien half-breeds—even if they are not giants? Well we really don’t know, and I don’t want to digress into this too far. Any thoughts I have on this topic are mere speculation and not worthy of our time.

3. If aliens are really demons, that would help to explain a lot of things. It would explain why they appear to travel and make right angle turns at such high speeds. It is because demons are spirits and they exist in another realm. Apparently they can do things in their spiritual realm that we can’t do in ours. And the reason why some have seen them materialize and dematerialize without a trace is maybe because they are going in and out of their spirit realm. This would also explain how they have been able to make such long trips here from their planet so quickly. It is because they are not even one mile away. They are right here, just in another realm, a spirit realm.

But there is also a big problem with the idea of aliens being demons. If they are invisible spirits, have they been able to or will they be able to abduct humans and breed with them?  That would work if they could first materialize into another human; but I don’t think they can. We don’t see it in the bible. They can possess humans, but I’m not sure that would help to get a true half-breed—part demon, part human. Some have suggested that they can and will be able to materialize into a creature other than a human; for in Revelation 16:13 it is apparent that three demons will be able to materialize into frog-like creatures. But these are things that we really don’t know that much about. Our guesses will have to remain guesses.

4. The alien theory is linked to the New Age theory. I would say that the New Age theory is dependent on the alien theory. In fact, I think all serious minded New Agers would admit that they channel spirit guides (aliens or demons); hence, they regard them as their teachers and guides. Also, I think most New Agers would say that they are dependent on aliens to abduct, or to somehow get rid of the “unfit” ones. So it seems that the aliens (demons) are both guides and servants to New Agers. Thus after the rapture, I think the world will regard these two groups as one; hence, their unity will serve to strengthen a valid explanation of the disappearances.


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Demonic Behavior Reveals That We Are Living In The Last Days.

Prayer for Trump and Country

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, we have witnessed in this country some really bad, demonic behavior. Actually, I think Trump’s election has revealed to us what some people are really like. We have been allowed to see the evil in their hearts.

From what is happening to people, because they are following after the doctrine of demons(1Tim. 4:1), we know that we are now living in the last days. Yes, we are seeing more and more that certain evil people are revilers (abusers, insulters), unholy (using profane and shocking behavior), brutal (ruthless, cruel, heatless), and treacherous (deceitful, false) (2 Tim. 3:2-3).

It is mind boggling that when good bills are on the table, that almost without exception, all democrats vote no. What is that? Why does that happen? It seems that they all have agreed together to resist everything, no matter…

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Two Possible Alien Theories for Christian Disappearances


Tied closely to the New Age theory, and in many ways connected to it, is the alien theory. Here then are two possible alien theories—as explanations for the Christian disappearances (what we call the rapture of the church):

  1. The missing people were abducted by aliens. They will then be used to produce hybrids (part alien, part human), which will then be used as an invasion force to take over the world.
  2. The superior race of aliens came and took those unfit beings (Christians) off the earth so that the New Age evolutionary process could be completed. The aliens will then either kill the Christians, re-educate them (to make them good New Agers), or use them as breading stock to produce hybrids for the New Age world.

In upcoming post I will present five reasons why this alien theory will be considered.  Here is the first reason:


Multiple UFO Sightings Have Given Aliens Great Popularity


According to Chuck Missler, there have been over 3,000 authenticated alien (UFO) sightings, including highly reliable radar sightings.35  Here are a few of the more popular sightings seen by many people:

Roswell, July 4, 1947. On this date a dish shaped object crash landed near Roswell, New Mexico. Many saw its crash landing, however, the Army sealed off the area, confiscated the crashed disk and remains, and have since made up stories to cover up the entire incident. Any evidence remains highly classified.36

Washington D.C., July 19, 1952. Beginning on this date, over Washington D. C., hundreds of people saw fiery objects in the sky for about a week. These objects have been detected by radar.37

Mexico City, 1993. Over this city, in the year 1993, there was an “ongoing wave of UFO sightings,” which were seen by thousands of people.38

Seoul, Korea, November 23, 1996. Over this city on this date a huge cigar shaped UFO was seen and televised for ten minutes.39

Arizona, June 18, 1997. On this date thousands of people saw a large triangle formation of lights pass over the state of Arizona, and also a series of stationary lights were seen in the Phoenix area.40

Though we have to admit that many UFO sightings are hoaxes and unreliable, many are reliable. In fact, as Chuck Missler has pointed out, thirteen of our astronauts have actually seen UFO’s, including Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.  I think they are absolutely credible witnesses.

And some of the things people have seen are quite spectacular.  For instance, their ships have been clocked traveling at speeds over 6,000 mph, and some of them have made right angle turns at 16,000 mph. That seems impossible!  And who can explain the crop rings? Some have suggested that they seem to be putting on a show for us, to get us to take notice of them and believe in them.


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What New Age Spirit Guides Are Saying About Christians and Why They Must Go


In previous blogs, we have seen the reasons why the New Age insists that Christians don’t belong in the coming new world: because they are an inferior race, because their separatist views are too negative, and because they don’t believe in any part of the New Age plan. For these reasons, and to preserve the superior race and to insure the evolutionary process, they would say that all Christians must go.

But a more firm foundation for their insistence that they must go, is based on the uncontestable words of their Masters—that is, the spirit guides that they channel (Satan and the demons). Hence, because these beings have been telling them that the earth will be cleansed of all Christians, they take their words as fact.

Now I don’t want to delve in it too much, but I think it is necessary to record just a few of the prophecies by these New Age guides, which will be taken from two of Texe Marrs’ books, Dark Secrets of the New Age and Mystery Mark of the New Age.

 A prophecy by outer space beings. According to the claims of the Association of Sananda and Aanat Kumar, “The earth will be purified…for that she is being prepared.”29

This association, founded in 1965, was comprised of people who received teachings of one, Sister Thedra, who regularly channeled “advanced beings…from outer space.”30

A prophecy from an “angelic source.” A message from an “angelic source” was transmitted to David Spangler. The angel (a fallen angel) said,

“…Earth seeks and is given…redemption in a vast initiatory process occurring throughout the total body and life of the solar Father…Now a vast work of purification is upon us to cleanse and beautify Earth as one would beautify a bride before her marriage…31

A prophecy from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation movement stated,

There has not been and there will not be a place for the unfit. The fit will lead, and if the unfit are not coming along there is no place for them…

In the Age of Enlightenment there is no place for ignorant people.

Nature will not allow ignorance to prevail. It just can’t. Nonexistence of the unfit has been the law of nature.32

This person is not a demon, but his meditation practice opens people up to “higher forms of consciousness”—or demons. There is no doubt to me that the words he said about the “unfit” and the “ignorant people” (Christians), he channeled from demons.

 A message from a demon named Asher. The popular New Ager, John Randal Price, had a conversation with a demon named Asher. Here is what Asher said about cleansing the planet of all individuals of negative energy:

Listen closely. Many changes will soon take place in the world…the major changes will take place through the force of nature as she seeks, by law, to reclaim her planet…Is not order the first law of the universe? Order means balance, and nature is out of balance. She must regain her equilibrium. To do this she must eliminate the force of negative energy emanating from the race of consciousness of man that is causing the imbalance—to relieve the pressure.33

 A message from a demon named Djwah Khul. This demon, who is Alice Bailey’s spirit guide, and a demonic associate of the demon Asher, according to Marrs, “desires,” along with New Ager David Spangler, “to have Christians disappear off the face of the earth.”34

Though New Agers or their spirit guides, know little about, and do not speak about the rapture, it is quite ironic that some of the things they have said about how they wish the Christians would “disappear off the face of the earth” fits the rapture scenario quite well.  Also, what Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said was quite interesting—that “Nature will not allow ignorance to prevail.” Similarly, the demon Asher seemed to suggest that nature itself will cleanse the planet of the Christians.

We can’t be sure what exact explanation they will give for the Christian disappearances, but they will likely say that nature itself had something to do with it, that the great force of nature swallowed them up in order to cleanse the earth of all negative forces to make room for the new race of man-gods.



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The New Age Teaching about Christians – In 3 Categories


The New Age movement, which is a demonic and false movement, not only opposes Christians, but sees them as inferior and a danger. Here, in three categories, is the New Age teaching about Christians.  This teaching, I think, will be used in the rapture scenario; that is, as an explanation of why Christians disappeared.


Terms they use to describe Christians

Here are five terms that are commonly used among New Agers to describe and discredit Christians:

1. An “inferior race of lower consciousness.” Excuse me, but this sounds quite similar to the way the Nazis regarded the Jews.

2. A people that have “negative thinking.” This they say is the Christians chief identification mark. Here, it sounds to me like what they are saying is that the moral guidelines found in the bible are too restrictive—too negative, especially the concept of sin. I suppose that whenever they are around Christians they feel guilty and under judgment. The bible, in fact, says that to the unbeliever the Christian is an “aroma from death to death” (2 Cor. 2:16).

3. They are “stumbling blocks.” According to Marrs, “Christians are viewed as stumbling blocks to the world’s being gloriously lifted into a new spiritual dimension!”

4. They are a “cancerous tissue.” The entire wording by Texe Marrs, according to Gurdjieff and McWaters is that traditional Christian believers are “the cancerous tissue—impeding the evolutionary process.” So it appears that New Agers know that Christians have a great power in the world to hinder their work—and they are fearful. Thus they resort to the most hideous name calling.

5. They are “unfit.” According to New Agers, Christians won’t survive the New Age world because they will be “unfit and unprepared for godhood,” they will not be “attuned to the spirit of the New Age,” and to the “Master within.”


Christians are seen as a danger to the New Age

I think that Christians are regarded not only as those who get in the way of New Age progress (which they have described as “stumbling blocks” and as a “cancerous tissue”), but also as a hostile and dangerous force. Texe Marrs writes, “The Christian doctrine of Jesus only is hated by the New Age, which maintains that it is a negative doctrine hostile to world unity.”

Again, Marrs writes, “By professing Jesus Christ as the way of salvation, the Biblical Christian is demonstrating ‘the error’ of his lower consciousness ‘race mind’ and opposing the will of God.”

Thus, according to Marrs, it seems that Christians with their separatist view of Jesus—as the only way of salvation—possess a grave threat to New Age thinking—that “all paths have light within them.” Hence, I think that, to the New Agers, Christians are not only a passive impediment but a real active danger; a group that could, if not dealt with, possess a serious threat to them.


The New Age solution to the Christian problem

Since Christians are unfit for the New Order, and because they are full of error and wrong doctrine, and because they are a danger to Mother Earth and to all New Agers, the only solution will be to dispose of them (kill them), and thus cleanse the earth of them.

I’m not sure if anyone has come up with any New Age documents that reveal their method of killing, if it exists; however, it is quite clear that there will be some method used; for most New Age writers do not hesitate to write of “the cleansing,” and the source of their writing is most often an angel or a spirit (a demon).

But good news for the Christians; for after they are killed they will have a chance to “rethink their attitudes.” As Montgomery has enlightened us, according to her spirit guides, Christians who are killed will go on in spirit where they can be reeducated and rehabilitated; and thus, if they decide to become good New Agers they will be allowed to come back to Mother Earth again in their own bodies. (sarcasm intended)


Source: Texe Marrs, Dark Secrets of the New Age (Westchester, Illinois: Crossway Books, a division of Good News Publishing, 1987), p. 127-143.


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