3 Reason Why There Needs To Be A Gap of Time between the Rapture and the Tribulation


As the world slowly faces the reality of the immediate effects of the Rapture, and as those left behind are still trying to figure out what happened, key leaders of key countries will begin to organize global summits in order to find unified global solutions. And, according to the Scriptures, we know that the world will come to an agreement on establishing a new global government, a new global religion, and a new global leader.

It is likely that these key events will start, or be set up, pre-Tribulation, but won’t actually be fulfilled until the Tribulation. Some insist that the Tribulation will begin almost immediately after the Rapture, and therefore the key events that we mentioned won’t begin to happen until the Tribulation. However, many others have suggested that there simply won’t be enough time during the Tribulation to fulfill these events.


Here are three reasons why I agree that there needs to be a gap of time between the Rapture and the Tribulation:


1. There needs to be a sufficient amount of time to set up the key events: a new global government with a new world currency; a new global religion; a new global leader (the anti-Christ); and also to finalize plans for the new Jewish temple. All these things will take time.

2. There needs to be time to establish a period of peace (which will be a false peace), so that the new world leader (anti-Christ) can appear to be a man of peace before he signs the peace covenant with Israel (Dan. 9:27).

3. Time will be needed to burn Israel’s enemy’s weapons. Most prophecy scholars agree that the war of Gog (Ezek. 38-39) will occur sometime after the Rapture and probably just before the Tribulation begins. We are told in Ezekiel 39:27 that it will take Israel seven years to burn their weapons for fuel. But since Israel will be forced out of their land at mid-Tribulation (Matt. 24:16), that means that the burning of the weapons will have to begin at least three and one-half years before the Tribulation begins. Therefore, this will mean that the gap of time between the Rapture and the Tribulation must be at least three and one-half years in length.

But of course we are just guessing, because we are assuming that this war occurs after the Rapture. If it occurs any time before the Rapture—which could happen—then our numbers of three and one-half years are wrong. Also, when Israel flees from their country it may be probable that they will take these enemy weapons with them; for they may suppose that they will need them for fuel, especially if they are going into the mountains.

I agree that my last point is questionable, however the other two points I think are sound. A period of time will be needed after the Rapture and before the Tribulation to set things up for the Tribulation. Some have put a great deal of effort and thought in trying to guess how long this gap period will be.  They have suggested three and one-half years, or maybe seven years, or even ten years. I really don’t care to put any effort into guessing; however, it seems logical that it will be a few years.


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The Moral Condition of the Family


Nations allowing and endorsing evil, and with our schools teaching evil, and with our churches merging with the evil world, what hope do families have? I will admit that with all these forces choosing evil, there is very little hope for the family. But still, if the family decides to stay together and pray together, there is always hope.  I think there will always be a few families that will commit themselves to God and will constantly strive for family unity; however, it seems more and more that most families are breaking apart.

Here are four things that seem to characterize the condition of most families:

 Families are less Christian. It seems that in most church-going families, the older graduating youth are choosing to discontinue going to church—the church they grew up in. Hence, they are choosing the worldly way, which is evident that the gospel message has not been taking hold on them and the world has gripped their heart instead.

The same thing is happening to mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. The word of God is being ignored and even rejected, and the devil and the world are coming in and keeping them from believing. As a result, the entire family is going to church less and less, and is less interested in Christianity as a whole.

Families are less moral.  It is more and more difficult these days to keep the immoral world out of the family. The TV, the movie theaters, and internet are more and more loaded with pornography and filthiness. If parents aren’t finding ways to block pornography from their children’s viewing, and also from their own viewing, then very quickly they will find themselves addicted and corrupted, which I’m afraid has happened in many families.

 Families are less cohesive. Since more and more families have let the immoral world invade them, and since it has rejected God and the church, these things have contributed to the disunity of the family and the destruction of the love of the family.

 There are more single parent families. Yes, there are more and more single parent families, which of course is due to sin and worldliness and divorce, and all of the things we have discussed thus far. And this breakup of the family is in itself very detrimental to families, especially to the young children.

Now, we have been discussing these things in the context to how it will be after the rapture of the church. Hence, in this scenario, I imagine that the breakdown of families will be at an all-time high; for consider the stress and sorrow young families will undergo when they immediately discover that their youngest children were taken. Also, since all Christians will be suddenly absent, and therefore moral restraints taken away, think of how much easier it will be for already broken-down families to fall apart. Yes, I’m afraid that after the Rapture the family unit will undergo a complete collapse.


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The Moral Condition of the Church


I think the moral problem with the church institution these days begins with the seminaries. Seminaries are too liberal, and prospective pastors and church workers are being taught by professors who frankly don’t believe in the inerrancy of Scripture or that the bible should be interpreted literally. Thus instead of getting correctly trained in seminaries, potential pastors are being corrupted. Therefore, most churches are plagued with the following church errors:

  • Not taking the bible literally. This is the root problem, and it leads to all kinds of theological and bible application errors.
  • A rejection of prophecy. When the bible is not taken literally, allegorical meanings are numerous, especially in the area of prophecy. As a result of this confusion, rather than choosing to wrestle with prophetical passages, pastors reject prophecy all together.
  • Errors in theology. When the bible is not taken literally, all biblical theology (the study of the doctrines of the bible) becomes questionable and falls into error. One particular area of theology that is most important is what the bible teaches about Israel and its relationship to the church. It is sad to say, but most churches have fallen into the error of replacement theology—the teaching that the church has replaced Israel and that God has forever rejected Israel. This is totally in error and I think has been a major factor in the corruption of the church.
  • Merging with the world. The ultimate result of churches not taking the bible literally and not being devoted to the study of that literal word, is that they will begin to merge with the world and will except false teachers into their fellowship.

This happened in the Corinthian church. Paul implied (in 2 Cor. 11:4) that false teachers had come in and preached another Jesus, and they received a different spirit and a different gospel.

This same thing has happened in many of our churches today. Just recently a movement called the Emergent Church has sprung up (it began about 1984). This movement, led by Brian McLaren, Peter Drucker, Doug Pagett, Dan Kimball, and many others, have been encouraging new Christians to accept a “new Christianity” to fit the new world. In this movement they look at the bible differently, learning has shifted from logic and the rational to the mystical, and many are trying to merge their Christianity with eastern practices of meditation in order to unfold their inner being. Yes, many have perverted the gospel, received a different Jesus and a different spirit—not the Holy Spirit, but demons!

Well, this (above) is just one movement. There are many false teachers at work who are actively trying to pervert the pure gospel and the church.

Now there are still a few very good churches that have not been corrupted; but, for the most part, the institution of the church is collapsing and will continue to collapse until the Rapture, when Jesus comes to take the true church away to be with Him.

After the Rapture who knows exactly what will happen to those who have claimed to be Christians but were not. We know that many will repent and believe, but most will continue to be deceived and will eventually be taken into a false one-world religion led by the false prophet.

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The Moral Collapse of Education in these Last Days


In the last few decades schools and colleges have been more liberal than we ever thought possible. Student text books, and what teaches have chosen to emphasis in their teaching, has become more and more worldly and inclusive of every evil thing. Teachers are refusing to teach Christian philosophy and instead are teaching the evil things of the world. It seems as if teachers think that their students will not get a complete education unless all the worldly, evil things are taught.

For example, most or our public schools are now requiring fifth and sixth graders to take sex education classes. And in most cases these very impressionable children are exposed to every kind of sexual perversion imaginable. It’s as if teachers are being extra careful that their students won’t miss out on anything—any pleasure. Also, I think teachers don’t want their students to be misinformed as to who they really are. That is, if, they say, for example, they are (were born) homosexual, they need to be exposed to it, to be taught how to be a true homosexual, without being ashamed of it. But in reality most sex education in schools is controlled by the devil; his goal is to ruin every young life.

As students get older they will also be exposed to many non-Christian religions and philosophies, and very evil things, such the occult, the New Age, and Satanism—all which teachers say will help to round out the student’s education.

For now, thank God, not all schools and colleges are as evil as we have thus described. There are many private and home schools, and even some public schools that are very good. But I think that as soon as the Rapture occurs, and all believers are gone, this will all change. Since Christian influence and Christian teachers and principals will be gone, the entire educational institution will undergo a moral collapse and will contribute in a very big way to the moral collapse of humanity.


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Moral Collapse after the Rapture


Because of man’s sin nature, every man and woman has been on a downward slide to a moral collapse since the fall. And as we draw nearer to the end, that downward trend is getting much steeper. As Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 3:13, “But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

While we can’t know exactly what will go on in the heart of every person left on earth after the Rapture, I think we can make some good guesses. I think there will be three groups of people: (1) those that will continue in evil, much more than ever—because of the absence of believers and of Christian policies to restrain them; (2) those that will repent and find new life in Christ—because the Holy Spirit will still be on the earth convicting of sin and showing the way to salvation; and (3) those who will be on the fence, not wanting to do evil, but yet will not be ready to be saved. These may find repentance later, though many will be martyred.

To really understand the progression of the moral collapse in the world, we will view it from the present to its ultimate collapse—probably sometime after the Rapture; and we will view it according to the following four structures: national governments, education, the church, and families. We will start, in this post, with national government.


National Governments

 The sins that national governments allow and promote will set the standard for evil. What a nation allows and rules in favor of, people will generally fall in line with. Thus a heavy burden of responsibility is placed on national leaders.

I will not take the time to study each nation’s increasing evil. I think to just look at my own nation, the United States of America, will give us a good indication of what is going on in most other nations as well.

Its depravity began early in the 20th century, when atheistic Darwinism from Europe, along with the German school of Higher Criticism invaded and challenged American Christian thought. Since that brutal intellectual invasion, America, and much of the world, has never been the same. Thus in the 1970’s and 80’s the U.S. government began to ban prayer in our schools. It also banned Ten Commandment postings; it forever changed science classes so that they could teach only evolution; it soon began to promote gambling, abortion, and homosexuality; and it began to promote eastern religions and the New Age. Hence, by the end of the 20th century we can see plainly that God has been push out of our nation by our own government. And we know that this has also occurred in all other nations of the world, some nations to a lesser extent, and many other nations to a relatively greater extent.

Now, in 2018, the United States and most of the nations of the world, freely allow and promote pornography, adultery, homosexuality, and every other sinful lifestyle. And we in America say that we are free to do these things because of our first Amendment. Indeed, we have turned our constitution against us. A constitution designed to protect us from evil, we have twisted around to bring evil upon us.

Soon, after the Rapture, with all Christian influences gone, America will probably do away with its constitution all together. A total moral collapse will then be imminent.

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How the Rapture of the Church Will Affect Left Behind Institutions – Part 2


As I said in my last post, we can’t know for sure what impact the Rapture will have on our many institutions (establishments, organizations, governments, etc.), but I would think that, just as there will be a breakdown of the economy, there will certainly be a breakdown of many of our institutions—some more than others. As I said, there are six different institutions that I think will be most affected: Law enforcement, ETM’s and hospitals, the Fire Department, Intelligence agencies, the military, and the President and executive branch of government. In my last post I covered the first three. Here I will cover the last three.

 Intelligence agencies. Since all Christians will be gone, at least at first, most people will be quite blind as to how so many people disappeared. Therefore, all intelligence agencies will be at work trying to figure it out. I imagine they will be examining the many theories (which we have written about), and they will be quite busy interviewing people. Many, I suppose, will want to tell their stories of how they saw people disappear. Yes, these agencies will be busier than they have been before—to the point of exhaustion.

Military. The bible tells us that there will continue to be an escalation of evil and war on the earth (Matt. 24:6; 2 Tim. 3:13). And it may be that after the Rapture that escalation will increase; for when people realize that all the true believers are gone, they may feel a new freedom to sin and to follow their evil desires. Subsequently, each nation’s government will turn to their military forces to protect their own people; and they may also lash out, in evil, against others that oppose them. Yes, the Rapture will mark a point where evil may sky-rocket and will continue in its upward climb.

Now since the military will obviously be needed more than ever, we may surmise that each member, from the private to the General, may feel, and be, overworked and stressed. Eventually nations may resort to the draft (as many countries already do). Also, I think there will be an increasing reliance on Artificial Intelligence, and many may also feel desperate enough to use chemical weapon and other weapon of mass destruction. Hence, as nations feel pressured and desperate to survive, instead of seeking peaceful solutions, I think there will be an increased tendency to exercise their evil desires.

The President and the executive branch of government. Due to all the disappearances around the world and the effects it will produce, the executive branch of government, especially the President and his key leaders, will be overworked and stressed, much more than usual. I imagine that there will be many different viewpoints from many frantic people as to what should be done. If the President is not strong and resilient, he or she will collapse under the pressure.

Most countries during this this, as we know from prophecy, will seek to go entirely global, seeking a one world leader. And those Presidents and governments who resist globalism may be forced into it by their own people. Sadly, when a powerful and confident global leader eventually appears, most countries (if not all) will gladly jump on board without hesitation.

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Socialism / Communism May Soon Be Coming To America! Are We Ready For It?

Prayer for Trump and Country

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be the fresh new face of the Democrat Party. Everyone seems to like her and is embracing her new socialistic ideas. Yes, that’s right.  She is unapologetically a socialist. And most democrats don’t care. In fact, it is the top democrats that are buying into her socialist ideas the most. Here is what her platform is, in nine points—with my comments.

  • To abolish Ice. But Ice are the police. They police our boarders and keep our country safe. They arrest people who come into our country illegally and they arrest those who bring drugs into our country. To abolish Ice would mean to promote lawlessness and crime.
  • To abolish prisons. What? How will this help to let criminals go free?
  • To abolish profit. They want to see private businesses go away. Instead everyone will work for the government and will make the same wage.
  • Government health…

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