Prelude to the New Global Religion


Along with the frantic effort made after the Rapture to set up a new global government, I imagine that there will also be an equally urgent effort to establish a new global religion. In fact, the new government and the new religion will not be separate and divided as it is now. They will work together as one—at least at first.

The official starting date of the new global religion will probably be delayed for a few month after the Rapture, or maybe even a few years. However, we are seeing its prelude now. Yes, even now, we are seeing many things happening as a prelude to the official launching of the new global religion—things that are critical to its establishment. The most visible development is what is now going on with Pope Francis to establish a global unity among all religions. Yes, he has been working feverishly it seems for the last few years to unite all religions of the world. He has even reached out to Protestants and Evangelicals and has spoken to leaders such as Kenneth Copeland and Pastor Rick Warren, urging them to put aside theological differences and to work together in peace.

This may seem to be a genuine peace effort, but I believe it is what Satan is now using to form the new false religion. Accordingly, he has also been working to establish a global constitution and a one world government. He actually discussed these things at the UN on September 25, 2015.

Besides the Pope, many others are also calling for religious unity and are engaged in efforts to find religious commonalities. In my research, I found that there is a group of leaders that have been meeting regularly to try to find, or develop, “a trustworthy scripture” that would unite all religions. Apparently, they are looking at many religious scriptures of many religions and are trying to see the commonality in all of them, to find some secret, common truth which will lead to the unification of all religions.7

Similarly, and in conjunction with this deceptive work by religious leaders to unify all religions, is what is happening in the spirit world by demons, to turn many away from the faith (from good biblical teaching). As Paul points out (in 1 Timothy 4:1 and 2 Timothy 4:3-4), in the last days, some will fall away from the faith and will instead be drawn away to false teachers that will tickle their ears. These teachers are of course demon controlled and their teaching is deceptive and full of lies.

Hence, this demonic deception and false teaching is what we will be seeing more and more as the end approaches. But the worse part about it, is that many will fall prey to it and be corrupted by it. Paul lays out for us, in 2 Timothy 3:1-5, what people will be like in the last days.

But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. 2 For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, 4 treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these.

 This incredible list of evil characteristics of men is no doubt the result of demonic, false teaching; and it is a prelude and a preparation to the official start of the coming new global religion—and much of it, I’m sad to say, we see in people already.



7 TheVoiceBw, “World Religious Leaders Are Gathering to Realize True Peace in the Globe,” at


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Eight Reasons Why the European Union Will Become the Revived Roman Empire—Part 2


In part one (on a previous blog) the following reasons were covered:

  1. The EU has the dimensions of an empire and are filling out the area of the old Roman Empire.
  2. The EU has a power structure that will be required to unite and control the world.
  3. The EU is working to control its people.
  4. The EU’s stated goal is to unite the world in peace.
  5. The EU’s plans for Israel.

 In this blog, part two, we will cover the last three reasons, starting with the EU’s conflict of authority.

6.  The EU’s conflicts of authority. The EU’s conflicts of authority matches well with what we see in Daniel 2:41-43. In these verses we see that the feet and toes of the statue (representing the Revived Roman Empire) are made partly of strong iron and partly of weak and brittle clay. These elements are said to combine with one another in the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, as iron does not mix with clay.

Now how shall we identify these elements of iron and clay in the EU, and what is the meaning of the seed of men?

Most scholars would say that the iron represents the strong central authority of the EU, and the clay is symbolic of the weaker national authority of the individual nations. The seed of men speaks of the union of the family, or it could also refer to nationality or race of people.

In my reading on Daniel 2:43, I have discovered two possible interpretations.

  • Some say that the iron represents the strong central power (of the EU), and the clay represents the seed of men, which is the national powers. And in these two powers there is conflict.
  • Another idea is that the iron and the clay are both in the nations; that is, there are strong, stable elements in some people, and there are weak, unstable elements in others. I suppose the strong elements would be from the national identities of each nation, and the weak elements would be from foreign invaders (refugees), and especially from radical terrorist groups. We see this growing problem in Europe all the time. In my opinion, they are allowing too many to enter their countries without properly vetting them. This is also happening in the USA. But now, thankfully, we are beginning to crack down on it; and President Trump wants a southern boarder wall—which I think will help tremendously.

So here are these two ideas, and I think both of them are valid. In the EU we see conflicts between the strong central power and the weaker national powers. But I think there is also conflict among the nations, mainly having to do with invaders from other countries who have different belief—who do not respect the law and customs of those people they invade.

7. The EU is moving closer to a ten nation federation. According to Erika Grey in her article, 40 Reasons Why European Union is Revived Roman Empire of Bible Prophecy,

The EU is going to go forward with an inner group and this will be the ten nation federation that is forecast in Bible Prophecy of the European Union at the height of its power. This has been discussed for decades for several reasons. First because the EU was not designed to be governed via a confederation with 28 to 29 members. Second because certain members have opted out of some EU legislation and have not wanted to go as fast toward political union as the others. The idea is that if the EU goes forward with an inner core of members, this will help move it into full-fledged political and federal union.

Well, according to this report, it sounds like the EU is well on their way to fulfilling bible prophecy. The ten toes and the ten kings of prophecy are coming into view.

8. The EU’s Catholic history. Since several of EU founding fathers were leading Catholics, and much of EU law comes from Catholic teaching, we know that the EU has this religious influence and foundation. It is the same foundation as the old Holy Roman Empire.

As we know, this empire was corrupt to the core and was responsible for the martyrdom of many true Christians. Many believe that this is the same religion that will become the great harlot of Revelation 17. Well, I’m not sure we can call the great harlot the Catholic Church, as it is today. I would rather it just be called false religion. I’m sure this great harlot will have Catholic roots, and it may appear as Catholic, but it will be infused with much evil and occultist things—things that will be under the power of Satan and his demons.




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8 Reasons Why the European Union Will Become the Revived Roman Empire


There is clear evidence that the European Union will be the Revived Roman Empire. We will cover five of those reason in this blog and save the next three for next time.


 1. The EU has the dimensions of an empire and are filling out the area of the old Roman Empire. Jose’ Manuel Barroso, former President of the European Commission said, “Sometimes I like to compare the EU, the European Union, to the organization of an empire. We have a dimension of an empire.”4

Indeed, the EU is looking more and more like the old Roman Empire. They presently have 28 countries enlisted, and many other countries are applying to join. They have the goal of enlisting 50 countries, including North African countries, North and South America, and Israel. Yes, we, America, and Israel, are on the list! They plan to take over the world.

2. The EU has a power structure that will be required to unite and control the world. The EU has a federalist ideology much like the United States, in that their government has a power structure that is divided between a central authority and individual units. However, though these two power structures may look similar, there are glaring differences. Unlike the Unites States, the EU is undemocratic, and most of the power is in the center.

One author, Erika Grey, wrote, “Some Eastern Bloc countries that are members of the EU have compared the workings of the EU to the former Soviet Union, in part due to the secretive nature of some meetings.”5

Indeed, I would say that it would be very easy for the EU to give way to dictatorship—which will have to happen when the antichrist comes along. Likewise, their federalist power structure is and will make it very easy to unite the globe under one central authority, and also to eventually set up ten main divisions of power, as we know will happen according to Scripture (Dan. 2:41-42; 7:24; Rev. 17:12).

3. The EU is working to control its people. The EU us using devious methods to prepare its people to be controlled by a central leader. They are working to make nation states less autonomous, less powerful by ridding the nations of national symbols in order to make the people look to the EU rather than their own countries. And on a deeper level, they are working to dumb down the young people by erasing their national histories and rewriting history, thus making them more and more ignorant of their past—their heritage. They do this all for the devious purpose of mind control, hence to prepare them to obey without question the coming world dictator. But they do it, I think, without fully knowing what they are doing; for the devil is controlling them all. It is all the devils work.

4. The EU’s stated goal is to unite the world in peace. The leaders of the EU have stated that the reason they want the countries of Europe to merge together is to avoid any more wars. Their idea is that if all European countries merge together, they won’t wage war against each other. Moreover, it is their federalist goal that they will act as the cornerstone for uniting the globe in peace.

5. The EU has big plans for Israel. Israel is definitely one of those nation that the EU has on their list to join them. And they will be offering them free trade, protection, and peace. In fact, in the coming years, it will happen that the EU’s leader, the Antichrist, will offer Israel a great deal—seven years of peace; but in the middle of those years he will break that deal and will try to destroy them (Dan. 9:27).

Next time we will look at these three reasons:

6. The EU’s conflicts of authority—dealing with the feet of iron and clay.

7. The EU is moving closer to a ten nation federation.

8. The EU’s Catholic history.


4 Nathan Jones, “The Sign of the European Union: Reviving an Empire,” at

5 Erika grey, “40 Reasons Why European Union is Revived Roman Empire of Bible Prophecy,” at

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4 Biblical Proofs of a Revived Roman Empire – From the Book of Daniel


There is no question with most bible scholars that the new world government will be a Revived Roman Empire. It is also becoming clear that the European Union (EU) will be that empire. Now, we will not just take their word for it. We will look at the Scriptures, along with other evidence, to confirm these things.

As I see it from Scripture, there are four biblical proofs that there will be a revived Roman empire—which will be revived just before Christ comes to set up His kingdom.


1. Daniel 2:32-33

According to Daniel’s interpretation of king Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, there will be four great world kingdoms (or empires). Scholars recognize these (according to the statue in the king’s dream) as Babylon (symbolized by the head of gold), Medo-Persia (the breast and arms of silver), Greece (the belly and thighs of bronze, and Rome (the legs of iron and the feet of iron and clay). These divisions we are sure of from history.

But the thing I want to point out is that the fourth empire is split, in that the legs of the statue are of iron, which symbolizes strength, and its feet are made of iron and clay, which symbolizes both strength and weakness, and also conflict.

This division between the legs of iron, and the feet of iron and clay, shows us the two different time periods of the Roman Empire.  The legs of iron is the early (historic) Rome, and the feet of iron and clay is the revived (future) Rome. This revived Rome will be an empire of great strength as Rome originally was, yet it will have its weaknesses and conflict—just as iron and clay do not mix (Dan. 2:41-43).


2. Daniel 2:41-42

From these verses, the writer of Daniel does not say that there are ten toes on the feet of the statue, but I think we can make that assumption. Hence, we may surmise that these ten toes symbolize the same as the ten horns of the fourth beast of Daniel 7:24, which, as we are told represents ten kings. Now, since we know that these ten kings are in our future, we must conclude that the feet and toes of the statue represent a later and future Roman empire.


3. Daniel 2:34-35; 44-45

Some say that when the Christian church began, this is when the Roman Empire was destroyed. However, we know from history that the Roman Empire fell apart for moral and political reasons and not from any impact of the church.

In fact, though Christians experience the kingdom of Christ in their heart, His visible kingdom won’t really begin until He comes physically to this earth and reigns on earth for one-thousand years. This is what is described in verse 44 when it says, “The God of heaven will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed.”

Notice, when He comes what happens. Verse 34 describes Christ as a stone, and that stone “struck the statue on its feet on iron and clay and crushed them.”

And why does the stone strike the feet, and not the head, and not the chest, and not the legs? It is because the feet of iron and clay is the revived Roman Empire, which will exist at the time of His coming.

Now here is something interesting, which I don’t fully understand: verse 35 tells us that when the stone (Christ) strikes the feet of the statue (symbolizing the revived Roman Empire), the entire statue will be crushed all at the same time. Verse 44 says that “it [the stone] will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms.” I’m not exactly sure what this is saying, but I think it means that when Christ comes to set up His eternal kingdom, He will first destroy all earthly kingdoms so that they will have no possibility of surviving. Babylon will not revive; Persia will not revive; Greece will not be raised up; and Rome will never again be revived. God’s kingdom will never be left for another kingdom (v. 44). It will endure forever.


4. Daniel 9:26

In this single verse, in the context of this passage, we have a clear timeline of events from the Messiah’s death until the beginning of the Tribulation—when the Antichrist makes a firm covenant with Israel (v. 27). Our focus now is on the phrase, “and the people of the prince who is to come.”

In this phrase “the prince” is referring not to Jesus but to the Antichrist, the “he” in verse 27.  “The people” of the prince are the Romans, because, according to history, they are the ones who destroyed “the city and the sanctuary.”

What is interesting here is that the Romans are called “the people of the prince” way before “he” (the Antichrist) comes. This shows us that the Romans at that time had a connection to the Antichrist, and they still have that same connection—which is proof that they will revive at the end of time, and their prince will be the Antichrist.

Therefore, from theses Daniel verses, we have biblical proof that the Roman Empire will be revived at the end of time—which is coming upon us very soon. And, as I indicated earlier, there is clear evidence that the European Union will be that empire.

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Will There Ever Be A Global Currency?


If the immediate effects of the Rapture occur as I have been suggesting, then shortly after these tragic effects transpire, key leaders of key countries will definitely gather together, probably somewhere in the EU, for a series of summits. There is no way of knowing any details of what the topics will be—and I imagine there will be many disagreements and arguments—but this topic of a new global government will probably be most immediate and foundational. Under this major topic they will likely discuss and seek to make decisions on a global currency.

For many years experts have been saying that IMF (the International Monetary Fund, formed in 1945, with 29 member countries having the goal of reconstructing the international payment system 1) intends to replace the dollar with SDR global currency, using block chain technology. However, recently many do not recommend this approach, yet still insist that a one world currency is coming and that it will be different from what anyone imagines.2

One on-line article I ran across indicated that the bible does not state that there will be only one currency. The author suggested that there may be ways to harness all currencies. He stated that already online transactions can take place using multiple currencies in most countries.3

So there may not be a need at all to have just one currency; nonetheless, many will probably insist that it is a good way to unify nations and to make all nations of the world feel as one.


1 Wikipedia, “International Monetary Fund,” at

2 Martin Armstrong, “The Coming World Currency,” at

3 Compelling Truth, “Will there be a one-world government and a one-world currency in the end times according to Bible prophecy?” at

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3 Reason Why There Needs To Be A Gap of Time between the Rapture and the Tribulation


As the world slowly faces the reality of the immediate effects of the Rapture, and as those left behind are still trying to figure out what happened, key leaders of key countries will begin to organize global summits in order to find unified global solutions. And, according to the Scriptures, we know that the world will come to an agreement on establishing a new global government, a new global religion, and a new global leader.

It is likely that these key events will start, or be set up, pre-Tribulation, but won’t actually be fulfilled until the Tribulation. Some insist that the Tribulation will begin almost immediately after the Rapture, and therefore the key events that we mentioned won’t begin to happen until the Tribulation. However, many others have suggested that there simply won’t be enough time during the Tribulation to fulfill these events.


Here are three reasons why I agree that there needs to be a gap of time between the Rapture and the Tribulation:


1. There needs to be a sufficient amount of time to set up the key events: a new global government with a new world currency; a new global religion; a new global leader (the anti-Christ); and also to finalize plans for the new Jewish temple. All these things will take time.

2. There needs to be time to establish a period of peace (which will be a false peace), so that the new world leader (anti-Christ) can appear to be a man of peace before he signs the peace covenant with Israel (Dan. 9:27).

3. Time will be needed to burn Israel’s enemy’s weapons. Most prophecy scholars agree that the war of Gog (Ezek. 38-39) will occur sometime after the Rapture and probably just before the Tribulation begins. We are told in Ezekiel 39:27 that it will take Israel seven years to burn their weapons for fuel. But since Israel will be forced out of their land at mid-Tribulation (Matt. 24:16), that means that the burning of the weapons will have to begin at least three and one-half years before the Tribulation begins. Therefore, this will mean that the gap of time between the Rapture and the Tribulation must be at least three and one-half years in length.

But of course we are just guessing, because we are assuming that this war occurs after the Rapture. If it occurs any time before the Rapture—which could happen—then our numbers of three and one-half years are wrong. Also, when Israel flees from their country it may be probable that they will take these enemy weapons with them; for they may suppose that they will need them for fuel, especially if they are going into the mountains.

I agree that my last point is questionable, however the other two points I think are sound. A period of time will be needed after the Rapture and before the Tribulation to set things up for the Tribulation. Some have put a great deal of effort and thought in trying to guess how long this gap period will be.  They have suggested three and one-half years, or maybe seven years, or even ten years. I really don’t care to put any effort into guessing; however, it seems logical that it will be a few years.


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The Moral Condition of the Family


Nations allowing and endorsing evil, and with our schools teaching evil, and with our churches merging with the evil world, what hope do families have? I will admit that with all these forces choosing evil, there is very little hope for the family. But still, if the family decides to stay together and pray together, there is always hope.  I think there will always be a few families that will commit themselves to God and will constantly strive for family unity; however, it seems more and more that most families are breaking apart.

Here are four things that seem to characterize the condition of most families:

 Families are less Christian. It seems that in most church-going families, the older graduating youth are choosing to discontinue going to church—the church they grew up in. Hence, they are choosing the worldly way, which is evident that the gospel message has not been taking hold on them and the world has gripped their heart instead.

The same thing is happening to mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. The word of God is being ignored and even rejected, and the devil and the world are coming in and keeping them from believing. As a result, the entire family is going to church less and less, and is less interested in Christianity as a whole.

Families are less moral.  It is more and more difficult these days to keep the immoral world out of the family. The TV, the movie theaters, and internet are more and more loaded with pornography and filthiness. If parents aren’t finding ways to block pornography from their children’s viewing, and also from their own viewing, then very quickly they will find themselves addicted and corrupted, which I’m afraid has happened in many families.

 Families are less cohesive. Since more and more families have let the immoral world invade them, and since it has rejected God and the church, these things have contributed to the disunity of the family and the destruction of the love of the family.

 There are more single parent families. Yes, there are more and more single parent families, which of course is due to sin and worldliness and divorce, and all of the things we have discussed thus far. And this breakup of the family is in itself very detrimental to families, especially to the young children.

Now, we have been discussing these things in the context to how it will be after the rapture of the church. Hence, in this scenario, I imagine that the breakdown of families will be at an all-time high; for consider the stress and sorrow young families will undergo when they immediately discover that their youngest children were taken. Also, since all Christians will be suddenly absent, and therefore moral restraints taken away, think of how much easier it will be for already broken-down families to fall apart. Yes, I’m afraid that after the Rapture the family unit will undergo a complete collapse.


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