Exposing the Error of Preterism

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 First of all, I want to give credit and thanks to Donald E. Green for his A Critique of Preterism.  I also give thanks to David Larson for his book, Jews Gentiles and the Church.  They were a great help to me in writing this post.



 Preterist, from the Latin preteristus, means “gone by.”  Preterism, therefore, is a belief that certain things recorded in the Bible that would normally seem to be futuristic have already occurred.  And just as with any religion, preterism has its extremes.  A full preterist for example sees all New Testament eschatology as already happened—including the return of Christ, the resurrection and the final judgment.  Those however who are more moderate believe only that the rapture and the tribulation period are past (which still seems quite extreme to me).  They say that it took place in A. D…

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  1. Nina Ruth says:

    Fantastic site and article!

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