Why Israel and the Church Must Remain Distinct Groups


Israel and the church must remain distinct groups.  But there are many today that are trying to merge these two groups.  They are saying that Israel is no longer a people of God, or that they have the promises of God.  They are even saying that they no longer have the right (the authority from God) to exist as a nation and as a people.  They are saying that God has rejected them as His people and has replaced them with the church.

Well, this is just wrong.  Israel and the church must remain distinct groups.  From eternity past God has had the people of Israel and the church in His mind, and He has made plans for them.  He has given them each a purpose and promises.

God has given Israel promises that are yet to be fulfilled.  And He also has plans for the church.  Who are we to try to manipulate God and change His plans?  Just because we think that Israel will never be saved doesn’t mean that they won’t.  God tells us that in the end, right at the very end, they will be saved.  And so we must believe that.

Yes, Israel has been a very stubborn people, and Satan has blinded them from the truth.  But God has plans to break them, to cause them to repent and turn to Him.  He will take them through the fire of the Great Tribulation described for us in the book of Revelation.  Most of them will die, but the remaining few (one third, Zach. 13:7-9) will be saved.  This believing remnant will go into the millennial kingdom and will be God’s trusted leaders on the earth—with believing gentiles under them, serving them (Deut. 28:13).

The church during the millennial kingdom (along with the Old Testament saints and the Tribulation saints) will have glorified bodies.  Our abode will be in the New Jerusalem—but I believe we will also mix with the mortals on earth.  We (the church), being the body and bride of Christ, will have a close association with Christ.  We will rule over the earth with Christ!

Therefore, in the coming kingdom God has a place and a purpose for each person and each group of people.  As we wait for that kingdom we must pray, wait on God, and do His will in order for His plans to be carried out—as they eventually will be.


Copyright © 2014 by Stephen Nielsen

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