Setting Up the Millennial Kingdom — Like Solomon’s Kingdom



After Satan is locked up I believe is when the clock will start for the thousand year reign of Christ.  But there will be much to do in the beginning years–after the tribulation–to set up His kingdom: there is the new temple to be built; there is a new system of worship to begin; Jerusalem will be rebuilt and enlarged; the boarders of Palestine will be enlarged, and the land redistributed; and, of course, a new, holy and righteous government will be put in place, with newly chosen rulers and governors.

But where to begin?  Well, I think we may have a clue if we look at the beginning of Solomon’s reign.  I think God indeed was directing that particular phase of the kingdom, and so, how Solomon’s kingdom was set up may be typical of how God will set up the millennial kingdom.

With this in mind, if we go to 1 Kings, starting with chapter two, the first thing that happened was that Solomon had a number of people, mostly leaders, executed.  This was a wise move, for he was insuring that his kingdom would not be corrupted and that it would get off to a clean start.  As we know, this same pattern will be used in the millennial kingdom.  The antichrist and the false prophet will be cast into the Lake of Fire, all unbelievers will be killed, and the devil will be locked up.

After this unpleasant but necessary duty, Solomon turned to the task of setting up his government and choosing his leaders (1 Ki. 4:1-19).  Next, in the same chapter the borders of Solomon’s reign and his great prosperity is described (1 Ki. 4:20-34).  Then he builds the temple (1 Ki. 5-6).  Then, when the temple structure was completed, all the furnishings of the temple were made for worship, and worship began (Ki. 7-8).  So we see the order of how Solomon’s kingdom was set up; and this may be exactly the order in which the millennial kingdom will be set up.

In the next five post I will write about these five areas of set up in the Millennial Kingdom.

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