Five Purposes for the Biblical Millennium




Have you ever considered why God thought it necessary to come to the earth some day and rule over the earth for 1000 years?  These five purposes, presented in no certain order, will give you a good foundation of knowledge as to the reasons for the millennial kingdom.


  1. To restore harmony to His creation. Certainly, all things will be put in order after the millennium, when God creates a new heaven and a new earth. So why is there a need to try to restore harmony to this present creation? Or why is there a need for the millennium at all? I don’t have all the answers, but what I have gathered from my reading is that there is a need to preserve God’s character in our mind, that it will not be said or thought of God that He started a work on this earth that He could not complete.  Therefore, one of the main purposes of the millennial kingdom, as I see it, is for God to finish what He started in the Garden of Eden.


  1. To demonstrate God’s perfect government on the earth. In the millennium harmony will indeed come to the earth, but not without God’s firm control. All the ideal conditions on the earth will be brought about by God, under the rule of His perfect government—a government which He intends to display to the world, so that all will see His righteousness and justice.


  1. To fulfill God’s Eternal Covenants with Israel. This point is particularly important, for God made certain eternal covenants with Israel that have not yet been fulfilled, and can only be completely fulfilled in the millennial kingdom.


  1. To display the character of Christ. The millennium is necessary to make a full manifestation of the glory of Christ. It is altogether appropriate that Christ is praised for a thousand years on the earth.


  1. To provide a final Test for man. The millennium will provide the human race with a test, under the most ideal conditions, to see if man is able to not sin—but in the end, it will be proved that man’s heart is totally corrupt and worthy of judgment.


Each of these five purposes will be expanded on in future posts.









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