The New Left Behind Movie: Positive Comments



I saw the movie last night. If people are expecting to be super entertained with a lot of special effect or informed on when the rapture will be, I can see why they may be disappointed with the movie.  But if you are wanting to see exactly what the rapture is according to scripture, I think the movie does a good job.  The movie was very focused on the event of the rapture—nothing else. There was nothing about the antichrist, nothing on Israel or the invasion on Israel, like the first movie.  The movie was about one particular family.  Two members of the family, the mother and younger son, who were Christian, were taken by God; and the father and older daughter, were not believers, were left behind.

I liked the movie because people were talking about God and about how they believed—before and after the rapture. Before the rapture they were talking about God in sort of a mocking way, but after the rapture they became more serious.  I can see  why unbelievers would give this movie low reviews.  But a committed Christian I think would like it.  I pray God will use this movie to help people think seriously about where they are with God and to start listening to Him more seriously.


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