Long Life in the Millennial Kingdom



If you were to read through the genealogy of Adam you would find that people in the beginning lived quite long: Adam lived nine hundred and thirty years (Gen. 5:5); Seth lived for nine hundred and twelve years (Gen. 5:8); Enosh lived for nine hundred and five years (Gen. 5:11), and so on. In the millennium I think people will live just as long, for I think the conditions of the earth will be the same. As I wrote earlier, the vapor canopy that God caused to collapse (when He flooded the earth) will likely be restored, thus protecting the earth’s atmosphere from ultraviolet radiation,  which in effect will certainly improve the quality of the air and also the quality of the earth and plant life.

But in addition to restoring the vapor canopy—and also reversing the curse on the ground (Gen. 3:17)—there are at least two other factors which will contribute to long life and health.  First, Christ will give the world knowledge about nutrition.  It is true that we have a few experts in this field now; however, in the millennium He will make known to us all wisdom in this area.  He will bring to world the truth about nutrition, and He will teach us what to eat and how to properly grow our foods.  And I’m sure that all food will be organic and free of pesticides.  In fact, I would guess that most people will have their own gardens (Isa. 30:23; 65:21).

Secondly, because the Holy Spirit will be so active in the world and because He will bring His comfort and presence like never before, this will be a great stress reliever and will no doubt support longer life. However, I think this will only be true for believers.

Healing is yet another reason why people will live so long and be so healthy in the millennium. When people get sick—which is evidence that they are still mortal and still sin—God will provide them with healing if they are willing to receive it.  In my next post I will give five ways that God will bring healing to the sick in the millennium:



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