A Key Purpose for the Millennium: To fulfill God’s Eternal Covenants with Israel

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There are several purposes for the millennium (e.g., to restore harmony to God’s creation, to demonstrate God’s perfect government on earth, to display the character and glory of Christ).  This purpose is particularly important, for God made certain eternal covenants with Israel that have not been fulfilled yet—only partially fulfilled, and can only be fulfilled in the millennial kingdom.  Yes, the millennial kingdom is absolutely necessary in order to fulfill these covenants—covenants which must be fulfilled in order to establish that God does not lie, but that He will indeed keep all of His promises to Israel.

Now since this subject on the covenants is so important, I think it is necessary to explain them.  A covenant is like a contract or agreement between two parties.  There are two kinds of covenants: conditional and unconditional.  A conditional covenant is an agreement that is binding on both parties, where both parties agree to fulfill certain conditions. An unconditional covenant is also an agreement between two parties, but only one of the parties is required to do something.  In the covenants that God made with Israel, the Mosaic covenant was conditional and the Abrahamic covenant, with its tributary covenants (the Davidic covenant, the Palestinian covenant, and the New covenant) are unconditional.

In future blogs we will talk in more detail about the unconditional covenants.  These are the covenants that will be completely fulfilled in the millennial kingdom.


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