Hal Lindsey Warns of Prophetic Sign

Hal Lindsey R

In the last two weeks Hal Lindsey has warned us of a prophetic sign.  In his The Hal Lindsey Report, entitled “Unity at Any Cost,” Hal brought us the news that Pope Francis has recently visited Istanbul and is seeking to end the long estrangement of the Roman Catholic Church from the Orthodox churches led by Bartholomew I, Patriarch of Constantinople.

In his report, Hal reminds us that for almost 1000 years these two groups have been at odds with each other, but now, for some reason, the pope is doing all he can to bring Orthodox churches back into the fold—back under Roman Catholic leadership.  And he will also try to bring all protestant church under the Catholic Church as well.

So what is happening?  Hal in his report said that one of the most important prophetic signs is the merging of all institutional churches under one leader.  You really ought to click on to The Hal Lindsey Report to hear his talk.  I think Hal Lindsey is one of the best prophesy teachers there is.  He is very careful in his teaching and I think very scholarly. I would recommend him over anyone.  Here are some of the topics he discusses in this week’s report:

—The religious aspects of the old Roman Empire.

—The antichrist.

—The Great Harlot.

—Seven heads and seven hills.



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