Is the Great Harlot at Work Today? 5 Web Sites Say “YES”

 great harlot 2

Is the great harlot at work today, planning her evil deeds?  Yes, I believe she is.  In my previous post, Who is the Great Harlot in the Bible? — 12 Answers, I laid out from Revelation 17 who the great harlot is.  She is a false religious system who is a composite of all the religions of the world.  Prophecy scholars believe that after the rapture of the church the antichrist will encourage all religions to come together in unity to form one world religion.  The center of this religious system will probably be located in Rome and will aid the beast (antichrist) in controlling the world.

As I said, this false religion will come together after the rapture of the church.  But is there any evidence that a movement of religious unity is occurring today?  Yes, there definitely is!  Pope Francis has been working feverishly to unite all religions.  Here are five different web sites I found.  We can see a lot just from the titles.

Francis and Bartholomew issue resounding, historic calls for church reunification

In new video, Francis urges Catholics and Protestants to work together

Pope to Copeland: Catholics and Charismatics must spiritually unite

Pope Francis uses smartphone video to urge Christian unity

Mega Church Pastor Rick Warren Joins Pope Francis In Support Of Common Mission


Being an evangelical, I can’t really tell you all that a Pope does or is expected to do, but it sure seems like he is spending an awful lot of time and effort trying to unity all churches.  It seems like he has an agenda.

Do I think the Pope is the antichrist or that he is consciously and intentionally trying to bring together this false religion?  No, I don’t think so.  I do believe, however, that Satan is using him to bring it about—to get world leaders thinking about it and planning for it, so that when the rapture occurs everything will be in place for it to happen.

And with all true Christians out of the way, it won’t take long for all the pieces to come together.  Yes, I believe we are seeing the buds of Revelation 17 beginning to sprout right before our eyes.


Jesus is coming soon!  Get ready!


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