The Glory of Christ in the Millennial Kingdom — Displayed in Seven Ways


One of the grand purposes of the millennial kingdom will be to display the character and glory of Christ. All that will exist in the millennial kingdom will have its origin in Jesus Christ.  He is the one who will reverse the curse on the earth.  He is the one who will bring health, long life, and peace to the earth.  And through the entire renewal process His glory and majesty will be revealed as He brings to all humanity a mighty display of supernatural power.

Therefore, in the coming millennium Jesus Christ will be our primary focus. And it will be altogether proper for all humanity to not only view Him as our suffering Savior, but also in His exaltation and glory, which is the fruit of His suffering. I see that His glory will be displayed in seven different ways.


  1. We will see His glory in His coming. He will come as a victorious general, as one who is faithful and true, and as one who judges and makes war (Rev. 19:11).


  1. We will see His glory as He sits on the throne in His three different offices (Isa. 2:2-4; Zech. 6:12-13). The authority or exaltation of Christ will be displayed in His three offices: His office of Prophet, His office of Priest, and His office of King; for from His throne, in the authority of God, He will rule and reign over all things under these three offices.


  1. We will see His glory in His Government (Isa. 9:6). One of His titles will be Prince of Peace, and He will establish a government of peace. In this government He will be a righteous and just Judge and lawgiver, who will help the poor and crush the oppressor.


  1. We will see His glory As Messiah and God. His deity will certainly be seen in all His works, and we will hear of His deity by His many names, such as: Branch, Immanuel, Almighty God, Lord of Hosts, Eternal Father, Holy One, Creator, Majestic One, Alpha and Omega, Faithful Witness, and Morning Star.


  1. We will see His glory as our Shepherd. This aspect of His glory will come under His office of Priest, in which He will always be comforting and caring for us.


  1. We will see His glory as our Savior and Redeemer. Though He will never have to die for us again, we will always remember His as our Savior and Redeemer. Another title we will no doubt use is Lamb of God. Yes, He will always be our Lamb of God, the one who willingly gave His life for us.


  1. We will see His Glory as Jesus Christ. This is His most common earthly name, and I don’t think it will ever be lost. Jesus is His earthly name, which tells us that He was a man, and Christ is His heavenly name, which means Messiah.





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