Christ Will Reign on His Throne As Prophet, Priest and King — Part 2


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Christ as Priest

 Like Melchizedek, Christ holds both the office of priest and king (Gen. 14:18).  And in the millennium these two offices will be combined together to bring about a wonderful peace.  It will be a marvelous thing to see, as Christ will wear both a king’s crown and the garments of the High Priest (Zech. 6:13; Rev. 1:12).  And He will sit and rule on His throne in the temple, a temple which He Himself will build (Zechariah 6:12-14).

Now as for the work and function of the priesthood in the millennium, the Levitical order will be re-instituted and there will be many priests at work in the temple, all from the seed of Zadok (Ezek. 43:9).  And though there will be many similarities in regard to regulations, ritual, and even offerings (burnt offerings, sin offerings, trespass offering and meal offerings), there will be much that is different.  Christ, of course, will be the High Priest, who will guide all the priests in their work.  And, there will be no Ark of the Covenant, no Pot of Manna, no Aaron’s rod, no tablets of the Law, no Cherubim, no Mercy Seat, no Golden Candlestick, no Shew-bread, and no Veil. Yes, these items will be missing, because Christ has died and has risen. He has paid for our sins. Sacrifices that are brought to the temple will not have a prospective meaning as they once had; they will have a retrospective meaning.  Overall, worship in the temple will be a wonderful observance of worship.

But apart from all the goings on in the temple, the ministry of the priesthood of Christ will be glorious. In fact, nothing will distract from Him; all things in the temple will point to Him.  And His work will be, as is now, to save sinners and to help them in temptation.  As the book of Hebrews points out, His priesthood is permanent (or forever).  He always lives to make intercession for us. And even after the millennium, when all people are glorified, He lives forever to intercede for all of us and keep us saved (Heb. 2:17-18; 4:14-16; 7:25).  What a comforting thought.  Nothing will ever separate us from His love for all eternity.



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