13 Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus (with pictures)

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Jesus was alive on this earth for thirty-eight days after His resurrection.  During that time I’m sure hundreds of people saw Him.  Here are thirteen of His appearances that are recorded for us in the Bible in chronological order.


1. He appeared to Mary Magdalene as a gardener (Mark 16:9-11; John 20:11-18). How fitting that this woman was chosen as the first to see Jesus.  For she Mary looks inwas one of the most grateful to Him for what He had done for her—He delivered seven demons out of her; and from that time on she became one of those who stayed close to Him and ministered to Him of her substance (Lu. 8:2).  The third day after Jesus’ death, early Sunday morning she and two other women came to the tomb where He was lying to put spices on His body.  But they found that the tomb was empty!


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