Mainstream media embraces End Time idea.

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Many individuals agree with the possibilities of Joel Richardsons idea about an apocalyptic return coming out of the Mid-East in an environment currently being created by politics and radicals. Particularly the Islamic Anti-Christ.

In an interview with Glenn Beck the idea was broken down for understanding. Glenn agree’s.

Rush Limbaugh recently told his audience that Islam’s “12th Imam” is comparable to the Christian Antichrist and this could have significant impact on events in the Middle East.

Limbaugh’s announcement supports a theory presented by Joel Richardson in his book, “The Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth About the Real Nature of the Beast.” According to The Conservative Tribune.

“Limbaugh’s suggestion resulted from a discussion about the chance of Iran using nuclear weapons against other Muslims. Limbaugh believes the Iranian government doesn’t befriend any other Muslim countries except to do away with Israel.

He told a caller the Iranian government is driven by…

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