The Antichrist in Bible Prophecy: Nine Points — from Daniel 11:32-45


From the Movie “Left Behind”

Here is a nine point biblical prophecy regarding the Antichrist, from Daniel 11:32-45.  The first two points, from verses 30-35, are both a near and a far prophecy.  The near prophecy is of a Syrian King Antiochus (about 330 years in the future, 223-187 B. C.).  Certainly he was an antichrist of his time, but he also prefigures and is a far prophecy of the Antichrist of the book of Revelation.  The other 7 points, from verses 36-45, seem to deal strictly with the far prophecy of the Revelation Antichrist.

The Antichrist

  1. He will show regard to Jews who forsake the holy covenant, and He will corrupt them even more with his flattery (vv. 30-32).
  2. He will persecute and kill true believers (v. 33).
  3. He will do whatever he pleases (v. 36). No one will speak against him to his face; no one will be able to stop him.
  4. He will exalt himself and regard himself as greater than any god—any idol, any authority, or any being who is deity (v.36).
  5. He will speak blasphemies against the God of gods (v. 36). The blasphemies he will speak against God will be extremely wicked, irreverent and immoral. He apparently will have no conscience, and seemingly no fear of God.
  6. He will not have a normal desire for women. Apparently, he will be so full of himself that he will have no time for women (v. 37).
  7. Power and military strength will be his god (v. 38). He will spend all his money and treasures on war and weapons so as to become powerful. And he will attack every stronghold that is against him (vv. 38-39).
  8. He will honor (disingenuously) those who acknowledge him; he will make them rulers over his empire (v. 39).
  9. He will overtake many countries in military conquest. But he will not be able to conquer the land of Eden, Moab, and Ammon—which is now Jordan (I will write more about this in an up-coming article).

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