The Herald of the Eternal Kingdom: The Bright and Morning Star

morning star

Morning Star

This is one of the most beautiful and heartwarming titles of Christ I have studied.  This marvelous title no doubt comes from one of His own creations; it is the name of a bright star in the east, probably the planet Venus, which shines brightest right before the sun comes up, and seems to announce its coming.  We will look now at three different verses that will enhance the meaning of this title.

In Revelation 22:16 we have revealed to us by Jesus that He, in addition to being the root and offspring of David, is the Bright and Morning Star.  In this context, since the next verse bids Him to come to us, His bride, we see that this title reveals that He is what we greatly desire, what we have been waiting for.

In Revelation 2:24-29, Christ reveals to the Church in Thyatira that those who have not followed the false teaching of that church but have overcome and kept His works will be given authority over the nations, and they will receive from Him the morning star.

This clearly teaches that not only believers in this church but that all Christians will be given God’s authority in the millennial kingdom to rule with Christ over all the nations. And He will give us the morning star.  This means to me that in the millennium we will have Christ the Morning Star with us and in us.  And so, by Christ’s power (the Morning Star) we will shatter the darkness everywhere we go in the world.

Now, I have no reference for this, but it seems to me that since the millennium is a period of time designed by God to prepare all people for eternity—and it will be like an introduction to eternity—that Christ the Morning Star indicates that He, in the glory of His person, will be the glorious herald of the eternal kingdom.  Yes, among all the glorious and beautiful things in nature, and among all the princes and rulers on the earth in the millennium, He will by far be the brightest and most glorious, and will herald for a thousand years the wonderful glories of eternity.

2 Peter 1:19 speaks to us individually right now.  It tells us that we are to heed the scriptures, as a light that shines in the darkness, until the day of His coming.  On that day, when we see Him, we will immediately be like Him (1 Jn. 3:2).  2 Peter 1:19 describes this transformation event as the morning star rising in our heart. Thus it is the point where He lights us up, and where all things are made clear—where we will become like Him, in a glorified state as he is, yet not becoming deity.


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