The Shepherd of Israel in the Last Days — 8 Points


In the last days, Jesus Christ will be the Good Shepherd of Israel. Here are eight of His good works as a shepherd.

1.  He looks for those who are lost. Our Lord is always concerned for the lost—for their salvation and safety. He loves every one of us whom He has given life to (Read Ezekiel 34:11).

2.  He defeats the enemy. The good Shepherd not only looks for His lost sheep in order to bring them back into the fold and care for them, He also delivers His sheep from all enemies and will defeat them. And in most cases the enemy will be false shepherds—shepherds who seek to take advantage of the sheep in order to feed themselves. Thus they care nothing for the sheep but only for themselves.  Hence, when the Lord sets up His kingdom, the first order of business will be to defeat and destroy those false and evil shepherds; and He will gather the sheep to Himself to care for them (Read Jeremiah 23:1-2).

3.  He will tame the wild animals. In the millennium, the Lord will work to make His people perfectly safe, not only from false shepherds but from wild animals that no doubt will be especially fierce during the seven year tribulation period, from which many will escape (Read Rev. 6:8).

4.  He will gather the scattered sheep and bring them back to their land. A good shepherd always tries to keep the sheep together; He will gather the scattered ones and bring them into the fold.  For hundreds of years Israel has been scattered throughout the nations; God himself has driven them (Jer. 23:3).  But in these last days we have seen Him gathering His flock back together. Soon He will bring every last one of them back to their land; and there He will care for them (Read Jer. 23:3-4; Isa. 40:11; 54:7; Ezek. 34:10-13; 37:21).

5.  He has great compassion and love for His sheep. There has been brief moments in Israel’s history where God has been angry with His people; however, He has never failed to love them and gather them back to Himself. In Isaiah 54:7-8 God assures Israel of His love.

6.  He is a wonderful counselor and a tender comforter. The Lord has and will be a wonderful counselor and a tender comforter to His people.  In the last days, especially in the great tribulation, as He gathers Israel to Himself (and to the land) and saves them, they will need special counseling and tenderness—and he will give it to them.  Listen to these wonderful words of encouragement God gives to Israel in Isaiah 41:10-13. (Read also Isa. 9:6; 12:1-2; 40:11; 41:14-20; Jer. 33:8.)

7.  He heals and cares for the sheep. In addition to the Lord’s counsel and encouragement, He will also see to physical needs; He will bind wounds, heal the sick, and feed the hungry until they are made strong.  In Ezekiel 34:12-16 the Lord prophesies to Israel how He will gather them and care for them (Read also Isa. 41:10-14; Jer. 33:6-8; Ezek. 34:25-26).

8.  He is a stronghold for those who seek safety. For all who seek refuge from their enemies and from the trials of life, the Lord our Shepherd is a stronghold.  He is not one who will give us aid and then pull back. No, He Himself is our stronghold and refuge.  If we trust Him and ask Him, He will always be there with us to help us in all our battles (Read Isaiah 25:4-5).


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  1. LightWriters says:

    Beautiful…I will share with a prayer team, thank you!

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