The Biblical Millennium: The Final Test for Man

004   One of the great purposes for the millennium is to provide a final test for man, a test that will prove that unregenerate man (those who will be born in the millennium with a fallen, sinful nature), even under the most ideal circumstances will not be able to save himself—to make himself holy and fit for the eternal kingdom. This test will demonstrate that man always needs God to save him from his sins and make him fit for the kingdom. Yes, even when Satan is cast out (with all his demons) and all external temptation is removed, unregenerate man will still remain in his sins, for his sins are locked inside his heart. And even when the glorious character of Christ be marvelously displayed and when all see His perfect government in place so that the world is at peace, and when the harmony of His creation is perfectly restored, and even when His eternal covenants with Israel are fulfilled; yes, when all these things are in place for all to see His glory, it will make no difference in the heart of the unregenerate man. His heart will remain sinful and corrupt. Thus the millennium will prove—when in the end, a great number of people, “like the sand of the sea shore,” decide to march to war with Satan against God (Rev. 20:8)—that no outside force or circumstance will be able to change the heart of man, that man must repent of his sins and choose to trust God to save him; and unless he does repent and believe, he must be judged as a sinner.  And sure enough, it will happen in the end that if anyone’s name is not found written in the book of life, he will be thrown into the lake of fire (Rev. 20:15).


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