The Curse Removed In the Millennium: What will it Reveal?


What will it be like with the curse (of the ground, the atmosphere, and the animals) removed. Certainly the water and the air will be cleaner, and man will be healthier. And the animals will be tame; and there will be no more hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. And there will be no more poisonous plants and animals. And man will live for a long, long time—for as long as they lived before the flood.

The original idea of the curse—God’s purpose for the curse—is that man would be made to seek God (Romans 8:20-21). It was a punishment for sin, with the purpose of bringing man to repentance and believing God. God wanted mankind to trust Him in the hard times and seek His help.

But in the millennium, with the curse taken away, man won’t have the same motivation to repent and cling to God. To some, I suppose, the goodness of God will lead them to repentance. But to so many more, they may just take advantage of His goodness and take what they can while they can—like a spoiled child.

Nonetheless God’s idea of removing the curse during the millennium is to reveal what man will do. Some may choose to repent and believe—and they will find a new peace with God. But we know that many will not believe. And when all of their outward needs are supplied, they will still have spiritual inner needs; so it will be found that even when they are well fed and seemingly happy, healthy, and prosperous, they will be tormented due to a sinful, unbelieving heart; and in the end they will be led by Satan to their quick destruction (Rev. 20:9).



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