How will the Millennial Kingdom be Different?



Ah, what a grand kingdom it will be! As we have previously discussed, the millennial kingdom will be a theocracy—a government ruled by God. And the rulership of God’s kingdom will be delegated to the Son (Dan. 7:13-14), who will also delegate other rulers under Him; likely the twelve apostles will rule directly under Christ and over the twelve tribes of Israel (Matt. 19:28). It is also clear, from the scriptures, that Jew, from the apostles on down, will be exalted over Gentiles (Isa. 14:1-2; 49:22-23; 60:14-17; 61:6-7).

Now in this theocracy, all things will be directed and controlled by Jesus Christ under the titles: Prophet, Priest and King. And under His authority and leadership, good will triumph over evil. He will rule the world with perfect wisdom and understanding; and His decisions will be made with fairness and righteousness (Isa. 11:2-5). Thus, in His kingdom, peace and justice will reign; and His truths will be taught everywhere.

Moreover, the knowledge of God, His presence, glory, and Spirit will flood over the entire world. And all those who desire to live according to His teachings, will live under His umbrella of protection and comfort; for in that day He will break the staff of the wicked. And all those who desire to live in sin will not do so openly; they will have to hide their sin, and any sinful rebellion will be immediately dealt with. But the righteous will be comforted and will enjoy His presence forever.

Imagine what it will be like and how it will be different than it is now. Because of His firm control over the government, and over all local governments, and over the media, and over all forms of influence, everything will be changed. That is, sin will no longer be glamorized and sinners will hide in the shadows; but righteousness and holiness will be praised. Those who do deeds of righteousness will be the talk of the town and what people will rejoice over. Yes, those in   high leadership positions will be put there by the Savior, and they will dictate the mode of living in that day. Hence, they will follow the example and teaching of the Lord of Glory and will encourage all others to do the same.

Can you imagine it? Instead of seeing and reading about corruption and war every day in the news, movies and TV shows, the righteousness of God will be promoted and displayed in a variety of ways so that all will see good triumph over evil.



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