How Will Satan Deceive the Nations in the Final Rebellion? Five Ways


I want to speculate a bit on how Satan will gather the nations for war, from Revelation 20:8.  First of all, we know that he will deceive them. He will lie to them and somehow convince them that he is worthy of their support. And of course he will direct his voice to those who have already rejected Christ, and also to those who are sitting on the fence (I can’t imagine that he will argue with committed believers).

And what will he tell them? Here are five points:

1.  First of all, in whatever he says to them, he will win them by his great appeal. He will open up to them as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14). And this means, to me, that they will see him as a wonderful messenger of truth and as one who is full of truth and good will. But his winning appeal will of course be a disguise—for he, in truth, is full of hate and greed.

2.  I think his appeal to them is that he has come to them to offer them freedom and pleasure; that if they will follow him they will be able to do whatever they want without restrictions. And he will lie to them and tell them that Christ wants to control them and take away their freedom, that He doesn’t want them to be happy and to live to experience their full potential.

3.  I think  he will speak great lies about God and Christ, in an effort to twist the truth and to get them to reject and hate God even more than they already do.

4.  I think he will try to convince them that there will be no hell or heaven—but that what they see on earth will last forever; for if there is no hell then there will be no consequences for their sin (and for their new freedom), and if there is no heaven then they won’t have to worry about what they weren’t able to do to get there.

5.  I think he will spend a great deal of time building them up—building up their ego. I think he will tell them that they don’t need this Christ who has ruled over them so long. He may say to them that the utopia they have has come about by their own hands and that they themselves can sustain it and even make it better. I think he will tell them that each of them is a god themselves and that they can do anything they choose if they will put their mind to it.


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