The Final Rebellion: Like the Sand of the Seashore



The surprising outcome of Satan’s deception in the final rebellion, is that a great number of people are found as unbelievers, a number that is described as “like the sand of the seashore,” and these he gather together to war against Christ and the saints (Rev. 20:8, 9); and they are labelled as “Gog and Magog.” These names are not meant to be literal; they are figurative names that represent those who rebel against God. They are those who since their birth will not believe in God, but yet will take advantage of all the pleasures of His earthly kingdom. They are those who will hide themselves in every corner of the earth, enjoying what God will provide, but secretly will rebel against Him. They are those who will feed on God’s goodness but yet will not be satisfied, because they won’t be allowed to fully satisfy their flesh and be free in their own evil nature.

But when Satan comes to show them the way, when he deceives them into thinking that their sinful nature is not only not sinful but is the door to freedom, they will perk their heads up and gather new strength to follow their new leader into battle against the Son of God.

These rebels will be located in every part of the world. “Wherever people will congregate, there will come out from them some that are unconverted. There will probably be more unbelievers in some communities then in others, but I imagine that in each community there will be at least a few. But when they all come out, it will amount to a very great number—too many to count.


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