The Book of Life: Explained in Seven Bible References



We don’t know all the details of the trial, at the Great White Throne Judgment, or what the Lord will say. All we are given is that “books” will be opened—apparently record books; and “another book” will be opened—which will be the Book of Life (Rev. 20:13).





The book of life, or The Lamb’s Book of Life, is the book that contains all of the names of those who have been appointed to eternal life. Hence, this part of the judgment ceremony will determine whether all those standing before the throne will be judged as guilty or not. Thus if their names are not written in this book, then they will indeed be judged. And their judgment, or how they are judged will be assigned according to what is recorded in the “books.” We will begin now by examining seven verses that speak of the book of life.


Daniel 12:1. This reference no doubt points forward to the final tribulation period. Here we are told that all the Jews (during that time) that are written in the book (the book of life) will be delivered from the tribulation. Thus Daniel is plainly prophesying here that all the Jews who are truly saved will be delivered, and only those who are saved will be delivered.


Luke 10:20.  When the seventy returned with joy and reported that they were able to cast out demons, they were told by Jesus to rejoice not because the demons were subject to them, but because their names were written in heaven. I think we may draw the meaning here that “written in heaven” and written in the book of life is the same—which I think gives the book of life so much more permanence and meaning.


Revelation 3:5.  Here it is clear that all those who have overcome (are saved), their names are written in the book of life.  And Jesus makes it certain here that their salvation is secure. He says, “I will not erase his name from the book of life.”  And if he will not erase it, no one will!  And his garment will be white—meaning that he will be holy and pure; and Jesus will confess his name before His Father and the angels—meaning that He will be proud to announce him (or her) as His own child.


Revelation 13:8. Here the book of life is described as “the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain.” This description to me make the book very personal, for Jesus (the Lamb) takes ownership of it; it is His book, almost like His diary. And I’m sure He treasures every name written in it, for they are all His and he anticipates living eternally with them. This description also suggests that the names written in it have been dearly paid for as a lamb slain.


Revelation 17:8. Here we gain the insight that all the names written in the book of life have been there from the foundation of the earth. Yes, before each believer was born, and even before the earth was created, their names were written in the book. This suggests that no one can earn his own salvation, because he was elected to salvation before he was even born.


Revelation 20:15. Here we read that if anyone’s name is not written in this book, he will be cast into the lake of fire. Oh, it is so important that your name be found in the book of life!


Revelation 21:27. If your name is found in this book you will not only be safe from the eternal fires of hell, but you will be eternally safe from the company of all those who are not in the book; for only those who are written in this book of life will be allowed to enter heaven (the New Jerusalem). All others will be kept out.



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