Two Purposes for Hell



The purpose of hell, primarily, is to punish all who sin and rebel against God. Hell was originally made for Satan and his demons who were the first to rebelled against God, but because all unredeemed people are rebellious and unbelieving like Satan and because they are in fact sons and daughters of Satan, hell will be their destination as well (Rev. 20:15).

This punishment is absolutely necessary because of the holiness and justice of God; for His holiness demands that sin must be punished; and the punishment must be rendered to each one according to his misdeeds (Rom. 2:5-6).

A second purpose of hell is to provide an eternal place for those who reject God apart from those how love God. As I see it from scripture, those who are in hell will continue to do wrong forever and those who are in heaven will continue to be holy and practice righteousness forever (Rev. 22:11). And so a special place for hell, separate from heaven, is necessary.

Moreover, since those unredeemed will have no desire to be righteous, but will continue to love their sin and the darkness, hell will be a place of outer darkness, a place where they will be able to sin as much as they want. However, since they will continue to sin against God forever, He, because of His holiness and justice, must continue to punish them forever, according to their misdeeds (Rev. 21:8, 27, 22:15).


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3 Responses to Two Purposes for Hell

  1. Sober truths, to be sure, but you are quite right, Stephen, because you have spoken the Biblical truth on this topic. Unforgiven sin cannot enter Heaven, of course, so it must be dealt with (i.e., punished) — that’s the clear reality we see in Romans 6:23 & John 3:16. Interestingly, the word “perish” in John 3:16 is (in the Greek) a “middle voice” verb, meaning that the destruction of the unbeliever is self-inflicted — self-destruction. And, as you aptly point out, the unbelievers really don’t want the Lord Jesus Christ as their Kinsman-Redeemer because redemption is only attractive to those who embrace God’s truth. Ironically, the damned don’t want to be with God and would not enjoy being in His Heaven — they would hate all the holiness and truth there. But for those of us who treasure the forgiveness we have in Christ, we can joyfully sing forever (Luke 10:20), with thanksgiving and worship, unto our Creator-God, for the gracious and secure salvation that we have His Son, our Redeemer!,

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