UN Paris Climate Summit to Move Nations to Global Government



This recent UN Paris Climate Summit has been really exciting to a lot of people.  It is interesting how something like this can so effortlessly draw world leaders together.  Actually, fear has brought them together—the fear of our survival on this planet. But little do most of them know that the underlying reason for the summit is to produce a unity of nations in an effort to ultimately bring together a global government.  As Thomas Ice said in his article, Moving Toward Globalism,

I believe advocates of global warming or climate change are using this false scare for the purpose of putting into place a system of global government.  Climate change is important for globalists since they see it as the best way to gain control of all nations under the guise of saving the planet.

In his article Ice talked about Obama as being an advocate for globalism. Here are two quotes from his article:

Candidate Barack Hussein Obama announced to the world during his Berlin speech that he was a citizen of the world.

Today we see Obama implementing a global agenda for the United States.  No longer does the United States look to develop its policy on the basis of what is good for the American people.  In fact, most of Obama’s policy is bad for the USA and are destructive to the interests of most Americans.


Also, as Ice points out, here are a few areas where Obama is seeking to bring change to America in order to implement globalism:

  • Universal healthcare.
  • Changing the role of the American military to fit his global ideas.
  • Attempts to implement gun control.
  • Using government institutions like the IRS to control groups and organizations that resist the Obama agenda.
  • Obama’s degradation of American institutions.
  • Obama’s apparent effort to bankrupt America through extreme spending on social programs such as welfare in order to restructure our nation within a global framework.


Lastly, as Ice points out, “At the rate we are going…America should be in great position for a future antichrist that will move into place after the rapture.”

Yes, that would seem to be true, but I am also praying that because of many breakdowns in America, many of us would humble ourselves and turn to God in prayer.  And I am praying for a Godly next president who will lead this Nation to do His will—which will bring this country back to being a truly Christian Nation.


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4 Responses to UN Paris Climate Summit to Move Nations to Global Government

  1. James J. S. Johnson says:

    How timely, Stephen. Very insightful analysis by Dr. Tommy Ice, too. Regarding how zany and inane things have gotten, on the GLOBAL WARMING sky-is-falling front, consider the following news about the U.S. military, “Military Preparedness for Climate Change Crisis!” (James J. S. Johnson, JD, ThD): “Sensational alarmism about “global warming” may be an inconvenient spoof, but does the military need to plan for ‘climate change’ crisis preparedness actions, to protect against perceived ‘global warming’ emergencies and risks to national security? Is the military gearing up for false-alarm crises, in the name of ‘national security’? Creation scientists have promoted real-world science—applied to climate science—for years.(1) But now creation scientists need to educate military planners, to avoid “emergency preparedness” constructed on science fiction. Why? Because military officials now argue that the U.S. Constitution empowers America’s commander-in-chief to “fight” global climate change, as a “clear and present danger” to America’s national security. Acting as if global warming alarmism is reliable science, some conclude that the sky is falling! (Carbon-emitting humans are presumed guilty as climate-corrupting culprits.) To arms! Call the military! That is the impression one gets from Commander Mark Nevitt (Navy JAG Corps), now quoted: ‘Climate change is the world’s greatest environmental threat. And it is increasingly understood as not just an environmental threat, but one that greatly impacts domestic and international peace and security. In recognition of this threat, the President has taken the initiative to prepare for climate change’s impact – in some cases drawing sharp objections from Congress. While both the President and Congress have constitutional authorities to address the national security threat posed by climate change [sic], the precise contours of their overlapping powers are not clear.'(2) “Not clear” is an understatement! Did James Madison (and the other Framers), in 1787, really design the Constitution to empower the USA’s president, in his role as commander-in-chief, to use military powers to ‘combat climate change’? Is the sky really falling, Chicken Little? But Commander Nevitt is not laughing, as he outlines how and why America’s commander-in-chief can and should prepare (and use) military resources to fight the so-called global climate change ‘crisis’, as the following quotation shows: ‘The President [i.e., Obama], as Commander in Chief, has already mandated the development of a Climate Action Plan and has issued executive orders requiring every federal agency to identify critical infrastructure at risk to climate change. But much more needs to be done in light of the increasingly understood threats posed by a changing climate.'(2) “Threats!’ — get real, please! Commander Nevitt analyzes climate change as a “national security issue”, with foreign relations complexities, depending upon how the trigger-word “threat” is defined, as the following quotation shows: ‘The [American] President’s constitutional foreign relations powers are increasingly inter-connected to U.N. authorization. And the U.N. Security Council’s definition of “threat” to international peace and security continues to evolve [sic] and expand to potentially one day encompass the threat of climate change.'(2) There’s that “threat” word again! But who decided that the definition of “threat”, as that term is used by the U.N. Security Council, could or would or should “evolve and expand” to include global warming?! Here “evolve” is used as a magic word—supplying whatever is missing in the law—to justify the “authorized” usage of military resources and governmental controls. For 150+ years the imagined “process” of evolutionary magic has used to explain away “missing links”.(3) Now evolution is being used—thanks to its imagined ability to transmogrify terminology in military and international law– to redefine what kind of “threats” our military needs to “combat”. Just one more wasteful example of “science falsely so-called” (1st Timothy 6:20).


    1. Jake Hebert, “Weather Channel Founder Blasts ‘Climate Change’”, posted (10-24-2014), posted at http://www.icr.org/article/weather-channel-founder-blasts-climate ; Brian Thomas, “Global Warming Halts, Arctic Ice Multiplies”, posted (10-16-2013) at http://www.icr.org/article/global-warming-halts-arctic-ice-multiplies .

    2. Mark P. Nevitt. 2015. “The Commander in Chief’s Authority to Combat Climate Change”, posted at http://works.bepress.com/mark_nevitt/5 , to be published in Cardozo Law Review, 37(2). Commander Nevitt’s analysis treats military responses to the climate change “crisis” as including “national security” problems (Part I), “separation-of-powers” problems (Part II), a domestic “threat” (Part III), and humanitarian “disaster” relief problems (Part IV). For an earlier example of ill-advised environmentalist activists, at the 2010 U.N. Climate Conference in Cancun, see John Stossel’s “UN Delegates Sign Petition to Ban Water”, posted at http://www.foxbusiness.com/on-air/stossel/blog/2010/12/11/un-delegates-sign-petition-to-ban-water .

    3. James J. S. Johnson, “The Evidence of Nothing: The Silent Witness of Evolution’s Missing Links”, Acts & Facts, 37(4):4-5 (April 2008), posted at http://www.icr.org/article/3763/ (© AD2008 James J. S. Johnson, used by permission). On behalf of cruise ships and colleges, Dr. Johnson has taught ecology, geography, and bioclimatology-related subjects.)

    > JJSJ profjjsj@verizon.net

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