Understanding ISIS: Who is Allah?



In order to really understand ISIS, we have to come to an understanding of their god, Allah. Muhammad, the founder of Islam was born in 570 A.D. in Arabia; and he died in 632 A.D. Now, first of all, it would help us to understand the culture of Arabia in Muhammad’s day. According to a book by Ron Carlson and Ed Decker entitled, Fast Facts on False Teachings, the desert lands of Arabia were organized into nomadic tribes, and in each tribe the Sheik (or Chief) had absolute authority; he ruled as a dictator—there was no personal rights.

What about Allah?  Okay, here’s the story of Allah as Ron Carlson tells it; and this same story is also confirmed from another source, Allah Moon God: As history records, the Arabic culture was very animistic.  They worshipped the heavenly bodies, and each tribe had sacred magic stones which they believed protected them.  The moon was regarded by them as a male deity and the sun as a female deity.  For many years before Muhammad came along, Allah was the name people gave to their moon god; and he was married to the sun god; and together they produced three goddesses called the Daughters of Allah.  These deities were viewed as the greatest among all the other 360 idols that they worshipped in their Kaaba (shrine) at Mecca.

black stone in mecca

About two million Muslims visit Mecca every year and walk around this huge black cube (the Kaaba). As you can see on the corner is a compartment where the black stone is displayed.

Now when Muhammad came along, his tribe was particularly devoted to Allah the moon god.  This moon god they believed was represented by a black stone which they thought came down from heaven.  It was possibly an asteroid or a meteorite.  Well, as history records, Muhammad took control of Mecca and destroyed all the idols in the Kaaba except the black stone deity—thus, as they say, “We have no God but Allah.”

Many Muslims today, as well as non-Muslims, reject this belief that Allah is a moon god.  They say that Allah is simply the Arabic word meaning God, and that he is the same God as the Christian God, that we all worship the same God.  Well, I agree that Allah is the Arabic name for god or God; however, their concept of God is not the same as the Christian God.  Read the Koran and the Bible side by side and you will see.  The Christian God is a God of love. Allah is a dictator god. He follows the same course as the Arabian Sheiks that ruled over their tribes (and many still do.)

The Islamic  Cresent

The Islamic Crescent Moon

On top of Christian churches is a cross, the symbol of the sacrifice made by our God for us.  But on top of every mosque is the crescent moon, the symbol of Allah, which represents Islam’s god, the moon god.

I hope you find this post helpful as you seek to understand ISIS and their religion. In the next post I will present more on the dictatorship of Allah—that Islam means submission.  This will be very enlightening as to why ISIS is the way they are.


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2 Responses to Understanding ISIS: Who is Allah?

  1. James J. S. Johnson says:

    Informative info — thanks, Stephen. The theological depth of Genesis 1:1 never ceases to amaze me! — God knows best, of course, and He chose to introduce Himself — in His first written sentence to the world — as ELOHIM (a plural masculine noun in Hebrew), Who is one Being yet plural in personhood. In the Hebrew text of Genesis 1:1 that word “God” is a plural subject noun, yet “created” is a singular perfect verb, showing that God is somehow-plural-yet-simultaneously- one. (The Hebrew of Genesis 1:1 is not polytheistic, because the verb is singular, not plural.) This points us to the Trinitarian truth that we learn in the New Testament, i.e., the triune God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (one “name” in the Great Commission, yet 3 persons). What a contrast with the Unitarian religions of the world — such as Islam, Arianism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Universalist Unitarianism, and some forms of deism. Thus, the Arabic word “allah” is a singular, but the primary Bible word for God (in Hebrew) is ELOHIM, a plural. Obviously the Moslem concept of God is more like the “god” of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Unitarians, and non-Messianic Jews — than like the real God of the universe, Who has revealed Himself as the triune Creator-God.

    • Thanks Lee. That’s valuable information. Also, it is interesting to me that before Muhammad came they worshipped many idols and it seems as if Muhammad chose the idol he liked the best (the moon god represented by the shiny black stone) and destroyed the others.

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