Understanding ISIS: The Evil Roots of Islam

Entrance-of-Hira-Cave 2

Entrance of Hira Cave


In this post I will be uncovering some very dark and evil things about the beginnings of Islam. And I want you to know that my intentions are good, for I am trying to bring to you an understanding of why ISIS is so brutal and evil. And this is something we are all seeking.

Well let me say right up front that I think the evil of ISIS has a lot to do with what they are reading in the Koran, because the Koran has been inspired by demons. Moreover, demons have surrounded and infiltrate Islam and its people from its inception.  I know these are harsh and troubling words, but I think they are true.  If you doubt this, please keep reading the rest of this blog.


The Early Life of Muhammad

Islam, at least the Islam that is taught in the Koran, began with Muhammad. Let me give you just a bit of his early life.  His father died before he was born, and his mother died when he was six years old.  Soon, after being moved around from place to place, he settled in with his uncle where he worked with him in his commercial trading business as a camel driver.  He did this for the next seventeen years until he met and married a wealthy woman who was 15 years his senior.  For the next 15 years, while married, he ran the family fruit business in Mecca until he began to get the revelations.


The Revelations

As is a matter of history, Muhammad made it his regular practice to go into a cave called Hira, which was about 3 miles from Mecca, to pray and meditate (supposedly where other seekers of truth would go). After meditating in this cave off and on for about two years he began to receive revelations during which he would go into epileptic-like fits, in which he would shake, perspire, and foam at the mouth.  And yes, these revelations were later written down and became the Koran. (The above information is mainly from Ron Carlson’s book, Fast Facts on False Teachings; also from a Wikipedia article, Muhammad.)


Explanations of the Revelations

Karen Armstrong, a popular writer about Islam and Muhammad gives the following accounts of Muhammad’s cave experience (taken from the article, The Dark Nature of Muhammad’s Revelations):

 Muhammad was torn from his sleep in his mountain cave and felt himself overwhelmed by a devastating divine presence.  Later he explained this ineffable experience by saying that an angel had enveloped him in a terrifying embrace so that it felt as though the breath was being forced from his body.  The angel gave him the curt command: ‘iqra!’ ‘Recite!’  Muhammad protested that he could not recite; he was not a kahin, one of the ecstatic prophets of Arabia.  But, he said, the angel simply embraced him again until, just as he thought he had reached the end of his endurance, he found the divinely inspired words of a new scripture pouring forth from his mouth.

According to this article, “After Muhammad’s terrifying and violent encounter with the spirit in the cave, he literally believed that he was demon possessed.  Muhammad became so distraught that he even became suicidal.”

But it was not only Muhammad who suspected a demonic source to his revelations, clearly many of Muhammad’s contemporaries also believed that his revelatory experiences were demonic and that he was demon possessed:

Here is what one John Gilchrist, a South African Christian author and well known authority on Islam, said about Muhammad’s experiences:

 It should be pointed out that men can be subjected to a different type of seizure which very closely resembles epilepsy.  During the life of Jesus a young boy was brought to him who was “an epileptic” (Matthew 17.15) and who suffered extreme forms of epilepsy (he would suddenly fall down, be convulsed. and be unable to speak).  There is no doubt, however, that this epilepsy was not naturally but demonically induced as all three records of the incident (in Matthew 17, Mark 9 and Luke 9) state that Jesus exorcised the unclean spirit in the child and healed the boy.  Without passing judgment on Muhammad, let it nevertheless be said that anyone subject to occultic influences could well find that seizures similar to epileptic fits would occur at appropriate times and, instead of causing a loss of memory, would have just the opposite effect and leave firmly induced impressions on the recipient’s mind.  Throughout the world missionaries have related cases of precisely this nature.  To this day such phenomena are not uncommon among oriental ecstatics and mystics and they are widely reported.

I looked up two verses from the gospel of Mark to read about the behavior of a demon possessed person to see if Muhammad’s behavior was at all similar. And yes, as you can see, the behavior is quite similar.

Mark 1:25-26

The evil spirit shook the man violently and came out of him with a shriek.

Mark 9:20

So they brought him. When the spirit saw Jesus, it immediately threw the boy into a convulsion. He fell to the ground and rolled around, foaming at the mouth.



After reading the above evidence, and according to the reasons below, I have to conclude that the revelations that Muhammad received in the cave were indeed from the devil through demons.

1. Muhammad himself thought that he was demon possessed.

2. Muhammad’s contemporaries believed that his revelatory experiences were demonic.

3. The content of the Koran give us sufficient evidence of its demonic nature.

4. Others did not exalt Muhammad or accept him. He rather exalted himself and called himself a prophet and an apostle (in order to appeal to the Jews and Christians; but they did not accept him). If we speak the truth, others around us should be able to see it. But more importantly, if our truth is of God, He will exalt us through another, as has always been the case with true prophets of God.

5. When the Jews and Christians that Muhammad was trying to win over did not accept him, he rejected them. Shortly after his rejection he supposedly received more revelations (which are found in the Koran) that instructed him to loot and steal from caravans that were passing through. So Muhammad and his followers proceeded to rob and loot from the caravans. The Koran and history records that he killed thousands of people. One time he had 1000 Jewish men beheaded (from Fast Facts on False Teachings by Ron Carlson)! I believe the demons fed off of Muhammad’s anger toward the Jews and Christians. When we get angry toward someone the devil will use that against us.  And he has been doing it in the lives of Muslims toward Jews and Christians for many years.



Lord, I pray,

Break into the hearts of many today

Who have been under a demonic spell.

Free them from  bondage.

Bring them into the light of Your love and grace.



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