The Two Descents of the Holy City, New Jerusalem — from Revelation 21

new Jerusalem 2


In Revelation 21:2 we read that John saw “the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God” (Rev. 21:2). This city is both the dwelling place of God (v. 3) and the dwelling place of all the glorified saints and angels. It will first be occupied by those in Christ who are raptured (and possibly by the angels). Then, at the second advent, when the city descends to the earth in the millennium, the resurrected Old Testament saints, along with the resurrected tribulation saints will also be welcomed into the holy city, for this is the city spoke of in Hebrews 11:10 and 12:22-24, the city that the heroes of faith were looking for—the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem.

But there will be two descents of the city. The first descent, described in Revelation 21:10, is the descent which we have just talked about, which is the descent over the millennial earth.  The second descent of the city is the descent in Revelation 21:2.  This is when the city will descend over the new earth.  The reason why there will be two different descents is because, at the end of the millennium the old heaven and earth will pass away, and so naturally the city will be taken out of the way of the terrible destruction. Then, when the new earth is created, the holy city comes down again and takes its place permanently over the new earth.

Many are not aware of these things, or they do not take them literally. However, I think we should give them some thought since they are in the bible. My thanks to Dwight Pentecost, who has written about these thing quite a bit in his book Things to Come (the above is mentioned on pages 574-580).

I will be writing more on this city, from Revelation 21, in the next couple blogs. It is an exciting venture.




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2 Responses to The Two Descents of the Holy City, New Jerusalem — from Revelation 21

  1. Marsha Gephart says:

    But there is a river, and each of the 12 gates are made of ONE PEARL

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