The City Of Gold and Diamond — New Jerusalem

The walls of the city are of jasper--like clear diamond.

The walls of the city are of jasper–like clear diamond.


First of all, as we have indicated in a previous post, the city looks very beautiful and pure, as a bride adorned for her husband. This, of course, is speaking symbolically. But what do we know about how it will look literally? Well, we are told in Revelation 21:16 that it is laid out as a square and its length and width and height are the same, measuring 1500 miles (according to NASB; but some say about 1400 miles).  So it seems that it is a cube shape and very large!

And it will be very beautiful and bright, and will shine like a diamond. In fact, the outside walls of the city, measuring seventy two yards (in thickness, I presume), is made of a material like clear diamond (the term used for this material is “jasper,” however, most commentators say that it looks more like clear diamond).

The city itself (inside the walls of the city) is made of pure (transparent) gold.

The city itself (inside the walls of the city) is made of pure (transparent) gold.

And the city itself—that is, everything on the inside of the walls are made of pure gold, a gold like clear glass (v. 17). Yes, even the streets of the city are made of gold (v. 21). Can you imagine it?

There will be nothing like it. I can’t imagine a cube that big with that much gold and diamond.  But the most spectacular thing about the city is that the presence of God will be its source of light, and the beautiful materials of gold and diamond will reflect His light every which way.  Though I think there will be the light of the sun and moon in the sky, the city, it seems, will be the primary source of light—inside and outside of the city.  In fact, the city will be the source of light for the entire earth (21:24).  Some even say that the glory and brilliance of Christ and the Father will illumine the entire universe.

Let me conclude by saying that though I believe there is much symbolism and meaning in every detail of the city and its material, I also believe that the city itself, with all of its materials and measurements are literal—for there is nothing to indicate in the language of the text that it is not. Yes indeed. I believe that we will actually see and enjoy this city, just as the bible describes it.

Let me also affirm that the materials of gold and diamond will be nothing like the gold and diamond of this earth—like pictured above. All the materials will be supernaturally made by God.  Oh my goodness!  The walls of the city will be of pure diamond, 72 yards thick and 1500 miles high.  And the gold inside the city—gold everywhere! It will blow your mind!



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3 Responses to The City Of Gold and Diamond — New Jerusalem

  1. In your last paragraph you say, “All the materials will be supernaturally made by God.” We should keep in mind that everything we observe today, including gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and all minerals that exist were “supernaturally made by God” at the beginning. Therefore, there is no reason to think that the materials of heaven will be different than what we have now. But to your point, it is also possible that there will be materials there that are currently unknown to us. I’m really looking forward to seeing that place! 🙂

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