A Biblical Study of the Two Phases of Christ’s Second Coming



Many suggest that there are two phases of Christ’s second coming. The first phase will be His coming just before the seven year tribulation period, in which He will snatch up (rapture) all those in Christ (of the church).  The second phase of His coming will be at the very end of the tribulation period, in which He will return, with the church and the angels, to set up the coming millennial kingdom.

Now the reason I think we need to study this is, 1) because the scriptures are not always clear that there are two phases of His coming; and in some cases it is hard to distinguish the two phases, and 2) because many believe that there is only one phase of His coming, and they conveniently choose not to believe in the rapture of the church, choosing rather to believe that all will go through the tribulation. Thus they see all of the scriptures on His coming as being one single event.

For these reasons, over the next couple month, I will be studying this topic and will reveal to you my findings. I will begin my study by looking at over seventy verses (in biblical order), which indicates His second coming—either the first phase or the second phase. My task, first of all, will be to show, whether the passage suggests the rapture (first phase) or His coming to set up His kingdom (second phase). There is also the possibility that the passage will be speaking of His coming in more general terms, and therefore we may view both phases together, as being one single event. In this case, God may want us to see His coming from His view in order to get a better perspective, or to see the big picture.

After looking at all the passages on His coming, I will divide them into three categories, as we have indicated (first phase, second phase, and both phases), and from these findings I will attempt to draw out certain distinctive characteristics of each group.



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