3 Ways to Get Rid of the Sin and Darkness that Overcomes Us

Prayer A to Z

037 A

I think we all understand the temptation to sin. We understand that there is a devil that temps us, that we have sinful flesh, and that the world is also tempting us.  But what is really difficult to understand is why we give into temptation when we know how destructive it is to our body and to our relationship with God and Christ.

So why do we continue to do things that we know are wrong and destructive to us? Why do we continue to do things that are irrational and insane?  And after we do those things we always say in retrospect, why did I do that? That was dumb.  I really didn’t want to do that.  That’s just not me.

And it’s true. If a person is a Christian, he or she absolutely does not want to sin—because a Christian person has been given a new Christ-like nature. …

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