What is Common Core? — 3 Points: Rushing toward the Antichrist

common c classes


David Fiorazo has written a book entitled, The Cost of Our Silence. One of its topics is Common Core.  I haven’t read the book, but I heard David being interviewed about it. I took some notes and came up with these three points on Common Core.


1. Common Core Goals

It plans to make our children “good little global citizens” in order to form a new world order, where they will obediently do all things for the common good and for their new global leaders (which we know from the bible will ultimately be the antichrist and the false prophet—Revelation 13). The goal is not education; it is global compliance.

 Bill-Gates-common c

2. Common Core Strategy

The overall strategy is to get and maintain control over our kids.  I have broken it down into the following points.

  • They will enlist elite and powerful leaders. Bill Gates has donated billions already.  But he won’t go broke.  He will actually make money on the deal, because his software will be used in all the Common Core programs.  Obama is also a big supporter.
  • States will be forced to participate in Common Core by shutting off their Federal funds if they don’t.
  • They plan to control the curriculum of all schools through testing—even Christian schools and home schools.
  • They plan to gather personal information and share it with the government. Of course this is illegal, but they will do it under the sponsorship of healthcare—ObamaCare.
  • They will encourage thinking to benefit the common good, not the individual good. Individual goals and thinking will be discouraged.

common c classes

3. Common Core Teaching

Common Core will teach our kids what to think, not how to think.  In other words, they will be brain-washed and programed like computers.  Very little emphasis will be placed on American history.  And they will not teach the great things about America.  All that will be gone.  Here are some things that they will teach.

  • They will teach our kids the glory of socialism and globalism; and they will have a non-Christian agenda.
  • They will require teaching on the environment—that we need to do things to save the earth.
  • They will encourage immigration—that we need to continue to bring new people in with different cultures and religions. (This will make America more non-Christian.)
  • They will teach that we need to accept people as they are and for what they want to do. So they will promote homosexuality, same sex marriage, abortion, and all kinds of immorality.


As we can see, common core is up to no good. It is a government devised scheme to corrupt and control our kids in order to make them willing servants of the antichrist and really the devil.  Yes, Common Core is ultimately the devil’s plan to cause the world to bow down to him.  As Common Core gets more and more of a foothold on America’s schools and as we see our children become environmentalized and institutionalized and perverted, we will see very clearly how American schools will soon conform to a global and antichrist government.

I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised though, for the bible predicts that these things will happen in the world. But I don’t want America to be a part of it! Lord, please, not America!

We need to put an end to this evil program now! We all need to talk about it and realize its danger. We ought to lift up our voices in revolt toward this evil.  If we don’t, the cost of our silence will be extremely high. It will cost us our very souls!


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