What Will Be Our Crown Of Rejoicing? 1 Thessalonians 2:19-20



1 Thessalonians 2:19-20

For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Is it not even you in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at His coming? 20 For you are our glory and joy. NKJV


The encouragement here is that the Thessalonian believers will bring Paul and his team great hope and joy at His coming—because they were so faithful to God. And those we lead to the Lord will be as our “crown of rejoicing,” or as our reward for our work of ministry. Oh, He will be so pleased with all of us who make disciples. And His pleasure will be with us forever!

The mention of Christ’s coming in this verse could refer to either His coming in the rapture, or His coming just before His millennial reign, or both; for in both cases all believers will be together with Christ.



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