What will our glorified bodies be like?

Resurrected Jesus


In heaven we will still converse with God as we do now, but in many ways it will be different and better. Prayer (soul to soul communication) will be much better because of our glorified bodies.  With our new bodies our soul will be much more perceptive.   Think of it.  Our eyes will be able to see things we have never seen before.  Our ears will be able to hear things we have never heard before.  Our smell, our sense of touch, our taste, and everything about our bodies will be better.  And of course our brains will be without flaws, so our thinking will be so much clearer.  We will be able to read faster—to speed read!  And we will remember everything we read.  We will be able to easily memorize and understand everything, and then be able to easily recall anything we want to refer back to.  We will be like a walking encyclopedia.  Think of it. And best of all, we will finally be able to understand the Bible for all that God intended for us.

Our learning won’t ever stop. We will learn new things about God and the universe every day.  What an adventure!  We will never know everything as God does; we will never have an absolute knowledge; but we will have a brain capable of learning quickly and comprehending fully.

I use to think, and I suppose a lot of people think that we will all of a sudden know everything, that we will instantly be like God and know everything there is to know. The Bible reveals, however, that we will continue to learn.  When Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:12 that we will “know fully,” the word there, epiginosko, doesn’t mean to have an absolute knowledge.  In Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven, he sites Wayne Gruden in his Systematic Theology as saying, “‘1Corinthians 13:12 does not say that we will be omniscient or know everything (Paul could have said we will know all things, ta panta, if he had wished to do so), but, rightly translated, simply says that we will know in a fuller or more intensive way, ‘even as we have been known,’ that is, without any error or misconceptions in our knowledge.”

Alcorn also quotes Jonathan Edward: “‘The saints will be progressive in knowledge to all eternity…The number of ideas of the saints shall increase to eternity.’”

And think of our emotions. There will no longer be emotions of pain and suffering, because there will no longer be sin.  Our emotions will be derived from God and His emotions.  We will rejoice over everything He shows us in His Word, and in nature, and in everything we experience in Him.

All these things will enhance our prayers. Everything new about us—our enhanced senses, our cleared thinking, our healed emotions—all these changes in us will improve our communication with God.  And forever, together with Jesus, we will praise God and glorify Him for all He has done for us.

In heaven we will have the same flesh and blood bodies. But we will be without sin.  1 Corinthians 15:42-44 gives us four things about us that will be different: (1) we will be incorruptible—that is, we won’t ever again be sick or die; (2) we will no longer suffer shame, because we won’t sin; (3) we will have strong powerful bodies, bodies that will not be overcome by disease or fatigue; and (4) we will no longer have a natural body; we will have a spiritual body.  This does not mean that our bodies will be pure spirit.  But it does mean that they will not be quite the same as they are now; they will not be subject to natural laws.

Randy Alcorn, in his book, Heaven, states,

When Paul uses the term “spiritual body” (1 Corinthians 15:44), he is not talking about a body made of spirit, or an incorporeal body—there is no such thing. Body means corporeal: flesh and bones.  The word spiritual here is an adjective describing body, not negating its meaning.  A spiritual body is first and foremost a real body or it would not qualify to be called a body.  Paul could have simply said, “It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spirit,” if that were the case.  Judging from Christ’s resurrection body, a spiritual body appears most of the time to look and act like a regular physical body, with the exception that it may have (and in Christ’s case it does have) some powers of a metaphysical nature; that is, beyond normal physical abilities.

So I would say that our bodies will look the same. And basically, I think they will be the same; but they will be upgraded to last for eternity.

And we won’t be limited by natural laws. We don’t know exactly what we will be able to do, but our bodies will be like the resurrected body of Jesus.  Think of what He did after He was resurrected.  He ate food, yet He was able to walk through walls—and fly (remember? He ascended up into the clouds).  I’m sure we won’t have the same powers as He has; but one thing is certain: we won’t have the same limits as we do now.



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