Three Ways to Be Prepared for Christ’s Coming – from 1 Peter 1:13



1 Peter 1:13

Therefore, gird your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.


In this verse Peter mentions Christ’s coming by the phrase “the revelation of Jesus Christ.” The Greek word for “revelation” is apokalupsis, which means to uncover, unveil, or reveal.  Here it means to manifest the glory of Christ.  And in both verses (7 and 13), the revealing of Christ means also that those who are resurrected to life or are raptured, will also be revealed, since our life is in Christ (Col. 3:4).

In this first chapter of 1 Peter, Peter has been encouraging the believers (who have been scattered because of persecution) to focus their thoughts and hope on their coming heavenly inheritance and in their sure salvation (vv. 3-5); a glorious salvation that was predicted by the prophets and was curiously desired by the angels (vv. 10-12).

And now, because of this glorious future in store for all believers, we are encouraged to prepare ourselves for His coming, when our lives will be revealed before Him.

Here are…





Gird Our Minds for Action

The language here comes from the ancient practice of gathering up ones robes when they needed to run or fight. I suppose it would be embarrassing to trip on your robes! Metaphorically speaking, Peter is telling us that we need to gather up our mind for action, meaning that we should take steps to purify our thoughts, so to be ready to run in the Christian race without worldly and sinful hindrances.


Keep Sober in Spirit

This point is an extension of point one. It is what is needed to gird up our mind.  To be sober in spirit is to be self-controlled, steadfast and decisive.  We will arrive at this only by sufficient time in the word and in prayer, and by surrendering our life completely to Him.


Fix Your Hope Completely On the Grace to Be Brought To You at the Revelation of Jesus Christ

We are not only to purity our minds, but God also requires that we purify or straighten out our hope—that we fix (or place) our hope completely on the grace to be brought to us (v. 4).

What is this hope and how do we “fix” our hope? It is that part of us that wishes for things, that dreams, that desires. This is the part of us that God has designed for us that is able to pray—because prayer is basically our wishes and desires put in words to God.

This part of our being is so important, because, if it is not fixed on God, it will lead us into worry and anxiety and frustration. Hence it is so important to purify our hope—to point it toward our heavenly home. Yes, we must have all our hopes (our wishes, dreams, desires, and expectations) fixed on Him and on the grace He will give to us when He comes.



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