What is the Unfading Crown of Glory? – from 1 Peter 5:4



1 Peter 5:4

And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the unfading crown of glory.


In 1 Peter chapter 5, Peter exhorts the elders among his readers to be good shepherds—to shepherd their flock voluntarily, by the will of God, not for gain and not lording it over them. Thus they should be examples to their flock.

In verse 4, Peter sets up Jesus, our Chief Shepherd, as our best example. When He appears to us, all those faithful shepherds—those who have followed the shepherds rules (vv. 2-3)—will receive from Him the unfading crown of glory. His appearing, for the church will be at the first phase of His coming and at the Bema seat, where He will reward each one according to His works (1 Cor. 3:12-15).

Now as for this crown of glory, what actually is this? Most believe that it is not a literal crown but is symbolic of the sharing of His glory and honor. All of us who are believers will be glorified—so we will receive His glory. But it seems that for some, such as these faithful elders (shepherds), they will receive an additional amount of glory and honor.

We should take note also that this glory and honor (as well as all of our spiritual gifts) is not something that we receive and keep as our own possession. It is really something that is His and that is shared with us.  Thus it is not something that we will boast about for eternity; rather, we will forever be grateful for this shared gift, because it will make us feel closer to Him.

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