Jesus Christ’s Dramatic Second Coming: All Eyes Will See Him

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The events of Jesus Christ’s second coming will be quite dramatic. The way the bible describes it, it will be much more spectacular than any movie that has ever been made. Even leading up to His coming will be breath taking. Armies from all over the world will gather to meet Him—and to kill Him (Rev. 16:16).

811-copyBut God will have none of it. Nothing will be allowed to spoil His entrance into His rightful Kingdom. He will cause a great earthquake to shake the world; cities will fall into heaps of rubble, islands will disappear, mountains will be leveled, and huge hail will pound the earth and kill many.  Then millions of vultures will gather to feast on the dead bodies. Next, the sun and moon will be darkened, the stars will fall from the sky and the waves of the sea will roar—all in anticipation of his coming (Rev. 16:18-21).


rider-of-whitehorseSuddenly, He will appear in the sky out of heaven. He will be riding on a majestic white horse. The white horse is symbolic of victory; hence, when He comes He will come as a victorious conqueror who will defeat the antichrist and Satan and all unbelievers who have rejected Him. (Matt. 24:30; Rev. 19:11).

And every person on the earth will be looking toward heaven as the heavens open. Yes, every eye will see Him! I suppose they will first see Him in heaven on His throne (Matt. 26:64), and then they will see Him riding on a white horse with clouds of glory. (Matt. 24:30; 26:64; Rev. 1:7).

cryingAnd as they see Him they will mourn. All those who are elected for salvation will mourn in repentance because of their rejection of Him (Israel in particular, Zech. 12:10-11). But most, I think, will mourn without repentance; He will cause them to realize their guilt, but they will continue to reject Him (Matt. 24:30).







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