Obama, Kerry, and the UN Against Israel



The latest events at the UN have been absolutely shameful. I feel sick about it. Hal Lindsey has written an excellent article about it entitled Shameful.  I invite you to read the entire artitle. I feel strongly that this turning against Israel is an indicator that our Lord is coming soon.



By Hal Lindsey

The Drudge Report headline read, “OBAMA BACKSTABS ISRAEL.”

The New York Post titled their editorial on the subject, “Obama’s appalling UN betrayal.”

It happened on the Friday afternoon before a Sunday Christmas.  The United States allowed passage of a UN Security Council resolution that condemned Israel’s settlements and, in effect, proclaimed that every bit of land beyond the 1967 borders already belongs to the Palestinians.  That includes East Jerusalem with the Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall.

The original resolution had been sponsored by Egypt and scheduled for a vote on Thursday the 22nd.  But a phone call from President-elect Trump to Egyptian President el Sisi convinced Egypt to withdraw the resolution from consideration.  Trump persuaded Sisi that the new U.S. Administration should be given the opportunity to work on the problem without such a constraint.

Then on Friday the 23rd, New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal jointly sponsored the same resolution.  Any of the permanent members of the Security Council — Russia, the UK, France, China, or the US — could have vetoed it.  The Council voted 14-0 in favor of the resolution.  The United States chose abstention.  Click here to read the rest of the article.



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2 Responses to Obama, Kerry, and the UN Against Israel

  1. Both Putin and Netanyahu have prudently rejected these last-minute hatred maneuvers from the outgoing administration, knowing full well that the incoming administration will revoke and reverse these temper-tantrum-tossed (i.e., angry about recent reelection losses) diplomatic disasters. May God providentially guide America into worthwhile actions, by His holy mercies, in the new year.

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