His Second Coming Will Be Preceded By a Series of Preludes



His second coming, or I like to call the second phase of His coming, will be much different than the first phase (the rapture). Whereas the first phase will be without dramatics or visibility, the second phase will be quite visible and with many signs and warnings. In reading over the following scriptures: Matthew 24:28-29; Revelation 16:17-21; 19:17-18, I observed three preludes—or we could also call them introductions—to His coming. And the fact that there are a series of preludes (three in a row) builds up the climax of His coming; it gets those on the earth ready and on the edge of their seats, even standing before Him in great anticipation.



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The first prelude of His coming will consist of all of what is poured out of the seventh bowl of wrath (Rev. 16:17-21). There will be lightning and thunder and a great earthquake, which will be by far the greatest in the history of the earth.  It will shake the entire world.  Cities will crumble, islands and mountains will disappear, and there will be hail weighing approximately 100 pounds each.




The second prelude features birds (or vultures)—millions of them. They will be called by an angel to come and feed on the flesh of all the dead, or those who will die, at Armageddon. But they will also serve to signal (or introduce) the soon coming King.





The third prelude will showcase the powers of the heavens. Indeed, as is indicated by the words “and then” in Matthew 24:30, the astronomical events of Matthew 24:29, will come right before He appears.  These phenomenal events—the darkening of the sky and the falling of stars—though it seems to be a separate event, I think could be tied to the great earthquake (in the first prelude). Nonetheless, this mysterious darkness will come just before He appears in the sky.




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