His Glorious Appearance


Here are three aspects of His second coming that magnify His appearance.

 He will come out of heaven riding on a white horse (Matt. 24:30; Rev. 19:11). In John’s vision he saw heaven open up and Jesus sitting on a white horse. Matthew’s gospel doesn’t mention a white horse, but it says that all the tribes of the earth will “see the Son of Man COMING ON THE CLOUDS OF THE SKY with power and great glory.” So, putting it together, we must conclude that He will come out of heaven riding on a white horse, on the clouds, toward earth.  What a sight! What a vision of grandeur and victory!

Jesus will have a powerful, glorious, holy, wrathful and warlike appearance (Matt. 24:30; Rev. 19:11-13). When He comes, riding His horse across the sky on the clouds, He will appear with great power and glory. And He will also appear as righteous and faithful, for two of His names are “Word of God,” and “Faithful and True”; thus all of His words have been and are absolutely true and righteous. And in righteousness He comes to judge the world and to wage war against the world. His eyes will appear as a flame of fire and His robe will be bloody.  He will come with a holy vengeance to slay all who are against Him.

All eyes will see Him and mourn (Zech. 12:10-14; Matt. 24:30; 26:64; Rev. 1:7). When He appears in the sky, no one will miss seeing Him. All eyes will be looking upward, magnetized by His glory and brilliance and power. And His holiness and majesty will be so convicting and piercing that it will cause all to mourn over Him. Many, especially Jews, will mourn over their sins against Him and for their rejection of Him. Their crying will not so much be a public display, but a private sorrow and repentance, brought to them by the Holy Spirit.  And they will be saved—given new, spiritual life. Indeed, all living Jews at that time will be saved (Rom. 11:26-27).

But most people will not repent. They will be sorry for a wasted life, and will sense their coming judgment, yet they will have no thought of repentance.




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