Comparing The Two Phases of Christ’s Second Coming


After studying all the verses on Christ’s coming (72 in all), and then determining by careful study which phase of His coming each verse applied to, I was able to see the differences of each phase and compare them side by side. The following table will show you my findings, and should convince you that the first phase and the second phase couldn’t possibly be the same event, as some suggest.


Christ comes in the air; no touch down. He comes to the earth and touches down.
Christ comes to claim His bride. He comes with His bride and all the saints.
Christ’s bride is taken to the Father’s house. The resurrected saints do not see the Father’s house.
Involves the New Testament church only. Involves all people.
No signs. Many signs.
The timing for the rapture is imminent. Christ will not appear for at least 7 years after the Tribulation.
Only His own will see Him. All people will see Him.
Seeing Him will be a time of joy. Seeing Him will be a time of mourning.
A time of blessing and comfort. A time of destruction and judgment.
He comes with rewards. He comes with fire in His eyes to judge and make war.
All in Christ (the church) are raptured. No one is raptured, but many are saved out of the Tribulation.
After comes the Tribulation. After comes the Millennial Kingdom.
No references in the Old Testament. References in the Old and New Testament.
His coming is silent and without fanfare. His coming is visual to all and glorious and dramatic.

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