America at the Crossroads: Will there be Revival in America?

Prayer for Trump and Country


It seems to me that America is presently going in two different directions. On the positive side, we are seeing new manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas returning—with less of the unneeded restrictions.  And this will produce many needed jobs for our people.  We are also starting to crack down on crime and illegal immigration.  And we are getting our police and border patrols back to work as they should be.  And it seems that President Trump and his staff are doing many more things that will bring back greatness, freedom and safety to America.

But on the negative side, America is faced with many foes, within and without.


America’s External Enemies

Our external enemies, so far as we can see, are ISIS, Russia, North Korea, and China. All military reports indicate that we can defeat (eliminate) ISIS quite handily; it is just a matter of time and…

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