10 Element of Making a Deal — from Trump: The Art of the Deal

The last few lines of the book were quite prophetic. He wrote, “The biggest challenge I see over the next twenty years is to figure out some creative ways to give back some of what I’ve gotten…In my life, there are two things I’ve found I’m very good at: overcoming obstacles and motivating good people to do their best work.

Wow! I see this all happening now. His service as president is what he has been preparing for his whole life. And don’t we see that he is so good at overcoming many obstacles and also motivating good people to do their best work. We can give praise to God for preparing this man to serve in such an evil time as this.

Prayer for Trump and Country


I just finished reading Trump: The Art of the Deal. The first chapter, A Week in the Life, was captivating. I couldn’t believe how busy and how hard Donald Trump has worked—every minute of the day. Every half-hour or so he makes another deal, on the phone or in person. You can tell he loves his work.

In the second chapter, The Elements of the Deal, he goes over many principles he uses to make deals. This I think was the best chapter of the book. Here are…

10 Elements of Making a Deal (mostly Trump quotes)

1. Think Big. Trump wrote, “If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big.” I like that!

2. How to Think Big.Trump said, “I think of it as a controlled neurosis, which is a quality I’ve noticed in many highly successful entrepreneurs. They’re obsessive…

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