Trump’s Middle East Trip Successful but Media Remains Negative

Notice that Saudi Arabia will not be involved in the Ezekiel 38 war.

Prayer for Trump and Country

Many who watched President Trump and the First Lady arrive in Saudi Arabia were in awe of how they were welcomed, as their black limousine was escorted by a parade of majestic horses. It was a beautiful and hopeful picture of what was to come at the summit. Indeed, the President gave the greatest speech of his life in front of 50 Muslim nation leader.

It is such a shame that most major news institutions did not even cover it. Nonetheless it was great and historic, and so was the entire two days that the President was there.  Much was accomplished for peace.  Here are four different positive testimonies of the Saudi trip and the Israel trip:

The Saudi foreign Minister

It was a phenomenal trip! It was phenomenally successful! History was made! He [Trump} attended a historic summit that brought together all the Muslim countries. He changed the nature…

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