The Post-Tribulation Rapture Theory: A Rebuttal – Part 4


As previously mentioned, the main distinctive of this theory is that the rapture of the church will occur immediately after the seven-year Tribulation at the Advent of Christ. Hence, this view rejects the pre-Tribulation view that there are two phases of His coming; they teach that the rapture and the second coming will all occur all at once.

In this fourth part we will deal with the following two subject, plus another big problem.


 7. The wheat and tares parable (Matt.13:24-30; 36-43)

In this parable, according to this theory, the wheat is the believing church (Jews and Gentiles) and the tares are the unbelievers. So the church, they say, will go through the Tribulation with the unbelievers, and then at harvest time, which is at the Advent of Christ, the tares will be burned up and the wheat (the church) will be gathered (raptured) into the barn (heaven).

Rebuttal. In this parable, says Pentecost,

The purpose of Matthew 13 is not to divulge the history of the church, but the history of the kingdom in its mystery form. The time is not that of the church—from Pentecost to the rapture—but the entire age from the rejection of Christ to His coming reception.[i]

Therefore, the wheat cannot represent the church, since the church will be raptured before the end of the age. The wheat are all the believing saints during the Tribulation who go into the kingdom, and the tares are all the unbelievers who will be judged and later cast into hell (Matt. 13:42). Hence, this passage does not prove the post-Tribulation theory.


8. They deny two phases of His coming (Acts 1:11)

Teachers of this theory have trouble with the pre-Tribulation rapture theory of the “two phases” of His coming (in the rapture before the Tribulation, and then again after the Tribulation). They insist that this two phase idea is never mentioned in the bible; also that it “runs into difficulty with Acts 1:11.”[ii]

In this verse two angels told the disciples that Jesus would come again in the same way as He went into heaven. So they teach that since He only ascended into heaven once, He will come back only once.

Rebuttal. There is ample evidence in Scripture that there are two phases of His coming. In my personal study, I found 29 references that indicate the first phase (His coming to rapture the church), and 34 reference that indicate the second phase (His coning to judge sin and to set up His kingdom).  From this clear evidence we cannot deny that there are two phases that have clearly different characteristics.

Concerning Acts 1:11, I think we should consider that the angel was thinking of Jesus’ second coming in which He will come all the way down to the earth. Remember that when He comes in the rapture, He doesn’t really touch down to the earth, He comes down only as far as the clouds. Therefore, I don’t think the first phase of His coming was even in consideration.


The problem of repopulating the earth

Woops! There is one embarrassing problem with the post-Tribulation theory. At the end of the Tribulation all unbelievers will be judged and killed; and if all believers are raptured, no mortal person will be left to repopulate the earth, since all glorified ones who come into the kingdom will not be able to reproduce. And we know that in the millennium there will be mortals, because at the end there will be a great many sinners—“like the sand of the seashore”—who will rebel against the Lord and will come against Him (Rev. 20:8-9). This indicates that mortals will indeed repopulate the earth, and some will chose not to believe.

[i] Ibid., p. 177.

[ii] Wikipedia, Post-tribulation rapture:


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