Will the Holy Spirit Tell Me the Future? – John 16:13

When I read this morning in John 16:13, “…He will disclose to you what is to come,” that made me sit up and take notice! It seemed to be saying to me (to us) that the Holy Spirit will speak to me (to us) and tell me the future. So my response was that I needed to listen intently to the Holy Spirit so that I can know the future.

Well, after reading a few commentaries on this passage I got a different view. Homer Kent explained it to mean that the Holy Spirit would guide the apostles and show them the future, and that this revealed prophetic truth is embodied in their writings—the New Testament.

Rats! Here it seemed to me that the Holy Spirit would show me the future—more than all those who are less holy than me! But I have to admit that that thinking is wrong. When it comes to prophetic truth, we must depend on the revealed truth already given to the apostles. So when Jesus spoke in John 16:13, He was not speaking to me specifically, but to the apostles.

No offense to some Charismatics, but I think this is a big problem with some of you.  You think the Holy Spirit will give you some prophetic word and tell you some part of the future that nobody but you knows about.  But you are wrong. All of us already have prophetic truth available to us in the Bible.  And that is why it is so important to study the prophetic passages. To dig out the truth.  It is right there for us to find.  We must dig it out!  And let us never think that the Holy Spirit will reveal anything to us apart from the scriptures.

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1 Response to Will the Holy Spirit Tell Me the Future? – John 16:13

  1. mark says:

    If He was speaking only to the disciples then, then all the other Upper Room promises are for them and not us. Do you believe that? I believe the rule is to take the words in their plain meaning when they make perfect sense, as they do here. Why wouldn’t the Spirit show you things to come? Were the disciples “more holy” than you? Why adopt the Catholic Church’s faulty theology of special saints? It’s time, I believe, that even the “least saint” have expectation that what God said he means and He means it for him…for that honors God…

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