Efforts being made to Form a One-World Religion and a One-World Government


The world is now gearing up for an after the rapture Globalism. Yes, after the rapture a one-world religion and a one-world government will be put in place. But efforts are being made even now to make those things happen.

Efforts to create a one-world religion (Rev. 17). Shortly after the rapture of the church, in an effort to restore order and to calm people’s fears brought on by all the disappearances, religious leaders will come together to form a one-world religion. In Revelation 17 it is described as the “great harlot.” As the name implies, this false religious system is both immoral and attractive and will lure the world into her idol worship with many evil and demonic rituals.

I don’t believe this false religion will actually be formed until after the rapture, but we definitely, even now, see many things happening to establish it. As you have probably heard, Pope Francis has been urging Catholics and Protestants to put aside theological differences and to work together in peace. This may seem to be a very good and unifying effort, but I believe it is what the devil is now beginning to use to form this false system—it is the attraction of the great harlot already at work.

Also, I keep hearing about religious leaders gathering at conferences and study groups, etc., to bring about religious unity. One group of about 300 leaders have been meeting regularly to try to find “a trustworthy scripture.” Apparently, they are looking at many different religious scriptures of many religions and they are trying to see the commonality in them all, to find some secret, common truth which will lead to the unification of all religions.[i]

Similarly, I recently read an article by a Wai H. Tsang, who says that there is a mysterious and central truth common to all the world’s faiths; the truth that everyone is God. So he says that this truth will provide the framework for the final, unification of religion.[ii]

So this is the kind of stuff that is going on right now in the world; and it will continue until the rapture, which will be the final impetus to bring about the great harlot.


Efforts to create a one-world government (Dan. 7; Rev. 13 and 17). For the last few decades there has been a movement toward a one-world government. Many are convinced that when there is more shared ideas between countries and when globalization creates a one-world culture, all people will benefit.  Thus it seems that all the world’s technology, such as the internet, email, and social networking, has been geared toward globalization.

Now if obtaining a one-world culture seems attractive, there is plenty about globalization that is suspect.  For instance, did you know that the U.S. has surrendered the internet to a global community—people from Russia, Turkey, China and other non-Christian countries? This can’t be good. Also, there has been much effort made to globalize our kids through programs like Common Core.  This definitely is not good, since most of the world is not Christian.

Another thing that is in the works is the movement toward having a global central bank and a global currency.  This would take some doing, but since there has already been much discussion about this, it may not take much effort to put it in place.

One of the major signs that this global government is near, is the fact that the location of its headquarters seems to be already in place. According to bible prophecy the next world government will be a revived Roman empire (Dan. 9:27). Europe it seems is ready and waiting for the position and is ready for the antichrist to lead the new order.  All we need now is a world crisis to motivate the world to move toward a complete globalization. The rapture of the church will do nicely to provide that motivation.


[i] The Voice BW, “World Religious Leaders Are Gathering to Realize True Peace in the Globe,” at https://thevoicebw.com/world-religious-leaders-gathering-realize-true-peace-globe/

[ii] Wai H. Tsang, “The Unification of World Religion,” at http://www.iawwai.com/UnificationOfReligion.htm.


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2 Responses to Efforts being made to Form a One-World Religion and a One-World Government

  1. Samuel says:

    Ive come across that tsang guy. His work is quite seductive new age detritus. Blasphemy, however. Fallen angel religon v13.666

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