Rioting and Looting On Earth after the Rapture

After the most immediate and devastating results of the rapture: traffic accidents, panic, and grief over the loss of loved ones, the next consequence may be rioting and looting. This probably won’t happen right away, because people will need time, at least a couple hours, to reflect on just what happened.  But once it sets in and their grief has had a chance to take hold, the devious and rebellious nature of rioting and looting may spring up, especially when they see clothes, purses, wallets, and jewelry left behind from people who have vanished.  And an even greater temptation will be empty shops (that were employed by Christians) and empty houses (that were lived in by Christians).

Individual theft of left behind articles will be just the beginning. The greater crime begins when groups of people invade shops and houses. This is when rioting and looting begins, and if it isn’t controlled and stopped it will result in a breakdown of law and order and will eventually contribute to the collapse of society on several levels.

Now we hope that rioting and looting doesn’t occur, however, many have suggested that it will occur, simply because of human nature and because this is what has happened repeatedly after such things as hurricanes, which have left stores unattended.  Certainly, the aftermath of the rapture won’t be the same type of disaster as a hurricane; it will be a little different. People (and gangs) will probably have to look around to see which stores or houses are empty. Can you imagine gangs roving around looking for empty houses and shops, clothes, purses and wallets lying on the ground? It will be eerie.

But how do we know for sure that people will riot and loot after the rapture? And how many will do it?

I guess we really don’t know the answer to these questions, but if a larger number of people are raptured in a certain locality, this will provide a much greater temptation for theft and looting. At any rate, knowing human nature and what has happened in the past, I think there will be a good chance of at least some looting.

In my research I ran across an excellent article, “Why people loot after a disaster.”3  Here, in four points, is what I gleaned from this article:

  1. “Group dynamics” tend to energize the action of rioting and looting. If people, for whatever reason, decide to go hunting for left behind articles as a group instead of as individuals, they will soon lose their sense of individuality and personal responsibility. Hence, individuals will feel less guilty about what they steal; and the larger the group grows, as more and more people join in, the more embolden each member becomes.
  2. People act out of frustration, helplessness and alienation. Group dynamic won’t be the only phenomenon at work. Pent up frustration, alienation, and a sense of hopelessness created by the sudden loss of loved ones will also contribute to the deviant actions of looting. In fact, as looting continues, there may be a surge of energy produced that will give some relief to their grief.
  3. Some may experience a sense of entitlement. As people are feeling extreme sadness and guilt over the loss (disappearance) of loved ones, while at the same time being energized by group dynamics, they may begin to experience a growing sense of entitlement and will say to themselves that they deserve what they find. This feeling of entitlement will, I imagine, work to deaden any guilt feelings and will empower them more and more in their rebellion.
  4. There will be a breakdown of law and order. A breakdown of law and order will be the ultimate effect of rioting and looting, as they lose all sense of right and wrong and are increasingly empowered in their own sense of entitlement, anger and greed. Indeed, an already overworked police force will have their hands full; and it will soon be realized that the sooner looters are stopped, the easier it will be to prevent rioting from getting completely out of control.


3 Safety Basement, “Why people loot after a disaster,”


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