New Age Evolution: False Teaching


We have been discussing what possible explanations those left behind after the rapture will give. I think the New Age explanation will be perhaps the most popular. In the last post I began to discuss New Age teaching regarding the future of New Agers. In this post we will continue that topic, with our focus on their ideas of New Age evolution. It is quite interesting, but is of the devil and a false teaching. Keep in mind that what we are saying here, is that, since Christians will not go along with the New Age doctrine, the New Agers believe that Christians will be taken out of this world—by aliens, or somehow exterminated—so as to leave room for those New Agers who are on a higher plane of existence, or more evolved.


The New Age Evolution

All New Agers believe that they will evolve into gods—or some say “God.” But there is no one specific teaching; there is quite a variety of beliefs on how they will evolve. But apparently they are okay with it; they will accept “all paths” that lead to light, to utopia. Here are five variations of this evolutionary teaching:

 1. Evolution into light. According to John white, “Man is evolving into a race of gods. He says,

First you go toward the light.

Next you’re in the light.

Then you are the light.7

  1. Evolution by a takeover. Ruth Montgomery gives a different approach to godhood. Texe Marrs writes,

She says mankind is being assisted into the Aquarian Age by “walk-ins,” reincarnated guides who are even now taking possession of living humans. She says that the old soul within the body is replaced by the more highly developed soul from the spirit plane.8

3. Evolution by achieving a Christ Consciousness. This third variation is different in that the new god status is not given, but rather is achieved. As Texe Marrs writes,

Other New Age leaders depict the New Age man-god as a being who has achieved the supernatural state known as Christ Consciousness and the superior race as collectively possessing Christ Consciousness.9

Marrs goes on to suggest that the way they achieve this Christ Consciousness is through methods such as Yoga, or they would say, “Christian Yoga,” which isn’t really Christian because it does not emphasize the person of Christ but rather sees Christ as just a consciousness.10  So they have perverted the person of Christ into some bizarre New Age presence. They, in fact, have demonized Christ.

4. Evolution by achieving a Cosmic Consciousness. This idea seems to be similar to Christ Consciousness, but with a more secular name and with more secular methods. According to Richard M. Bucke, “[Cosmic Consciousness] appears in individuals…of good intellect, of high moral quality, [and of] superior physique.”11

So, according to Bucke, if we just keep working on our intelligence, our morals, and our physique (we have to work out!), we will eventually achieve this higher Cosmic Consciousness.

5. Evolution is instantaneous. Sometime after the 1970’s many New Agers began to believe that man can evolve instantaneously. They say it works like this:

As more and more racially superior human beings become aware of their divine nature and their latent powers within, a critical mass of energy will develop and a new Cosmic Consciousness will envelop the globe. Transformed into Superbeings, Homo sapiens will become a race of gods.12


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2 Responses to New Age Evolution: False Teaching

  1. JJSJ says:

    Imagine the inane notions that ungodly people flee to, in order to escape the obvious reality of God. The idea that all we are, and see, is somehow accidently “evolved” is the stupidest folly ever imagined by anyone! Why not admit the obvious truth — and be reconciled to God through His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ? Forgiveness is a free gift if it comes through the Lord Jesus. And apart from Him (i.e., Christ Jesus) there is no forgiveness (and thus no eternal life in Heaven) — which only means, for an unforgiven sinner, nothing good or hopeful to look forward to at death.

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