The New Age Teaching about Christians – In 3 Categories


The New Age movement, which is a demonic and false movement, not only opposes Christians, but sees them as inferior and a danger. Here, in three categories, is the New Age teaching about Christians.  This teaching, I think, will be used in the rapture scenario; that is, as an explanation of why Christians disappeared.


Terms they use to describe Christians

Here are five terms that are commonly used among New Agers to describe and discredit Christians:

1. An “inferior race of lower consciousness.” Excuse me, but this sounds quite similar to the way the Nazis regarded the Jews.

2. A people that have “negative thinking.” This they say is the Christians chief identification mark. Here, it sounds to me like what they are saying is that the moral guidelines found in the bible are too restrictive—too negative, especially the concept of sin. I suppose that whenever they are around Christians they feel guilty and under judgment. The bible, in fact, says that to the unbeliever the Christian is an “aroma from death to death” (2 Cor. 2:16).

3. They are “stumbling blocks.” According to Marrs, “Christians are viewed as stumbling blocks to the world’s being gloriously lifted into a new spiritual dimension!”

4. They are a “cancerous tissue.” The entire wording by Texe Marrs, according to Gurdjieff and McWaters is that traditional Christian believers are “the cancerous tissue—impeding the evolutionary process.” So it appears that New Agers know that Christians have a great power in the world to hinder their work—and they are fearful. Thus they resort to the most hideous name calling.

5. They are “unfit.” According to New Agers, Christians won’t survive the New Age world because they will be “unfit and unprepared for godhood,” they will not be “attuned to the spirit of the New Age,” and to the “Master within.”


Christians are seen as a danger to the New Age

I think that Christians are regarded not only as those who get in the way of New Age progress (which they have described as “stumbling blocks” and as a “cancerous tissue”), but also as a hostile and dangerous force. Texe Marrs writes, “The Christian doctrine of Jesus only is hated by the New Age, which maintains that it is a negative doctrine hostile to world unity.”

Again, Marrs writes, “By professing Jesus Christ as the way of salvation, the Biblical Christian is demonstrating ‘the error’ of his lower consciousness ‘race mind’ and opposing the will of God.”

Thus, according to Marrs, it seems that Christians with their separatist view of Jesus—as the only way of salvation—possess a grave threat to New Age thinking—that “all paths have light within them.” Hence, I think that, to the New Agers, Christians are not only a passive impediment but a real active danger; a group that could, if not dealt with, possess a serious threat to them.


The New Age solution to the Christian problem

Since Christians are unfit for the New Order, and because they are full of error and wrong doctrine, and because they are a danger to Mother Earth and to all New Agers, the only solution will be to dispose of them (kill them), and thus cleanse the earth of them.

I’m not sure if anyone has come up with any New Age documents that reveal their method of killing, if it exists; however, it is quite clear that there will be some method used; for most New Age writers do not hesitate to write of “the cleansing,” and the source of their writing is most often an angel or a spirit (a demon).

But good news for the Christians; for after they are killed they will have a chance to “rethink their attitudes.” As Montgomery has enlightened us, according to her spirit guides, Christians who are killed will go on in spirit where they can be reeducated and rehabilitated; and thus, if they decide to become good New Agers they will be allowed to come back to Mother Earth again in their own bodies. (sarcasm intended)


Source: Texe Marrs, Dark Secrets of the New Age (Westchester, Illinois: Crossway Books, a division of Good News Publishing, 1987), p. 127-143.



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